Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Union Square and Blogging

When I got off the bus by Madison Park, I thought of Reya.
There I was, large as life, reflected in a garbage can.
Reya always has lovely distorted images and a dog.
More of that later.

I met Bonbon Oiseau because we had to discuss Morocco and India.
She has lived in the latter which I recently visited -- and vice versa.
Lots to discuss over tea in ABC Carpet....
which is right by Union Square Green Market.
It was late afternoon so one cannot blame the stall-holder
 having a nap in his splendid red truck.

This plump, scruffy dog was sitting patiently near an apple stall -- 
Which brings us to thoughts of dogs. Much scanning of Petfinder.com lately.
Applications put in. Are we fit to be allowed to adopt a dog? Will we be rejected out of hand?
Vet references needed. Luckily our previous dog lived to be 16 and the cat 18.
But even so..... I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, bleeding hearts, pansies and herbs.


  1. Very elegant garbage can portrait!

    I do hope you find your perfect pet soon. What a lucky hound he/she will be to go on those wonderful walks around the city with you.

  2. Your photos are very interesting. Good luck with the pet application!

  3. That dog is very cute. It looks like it doesn't have a care in the world... Good luck pet hunting.

  4. If you have issues with PetFinder .. check out Marilynn Teres-Cavanaugh at NYPetICare .. she's wonderful, she rescues dogs/cats and her husband who is a vet gets them well/healthy for adoption.

  5. Loved meeting you yesterday Elizabeth! And see you soon I hope!

  6. Aren't pansies the sweetest things?

    Fingers crossed for the app.

  7. hi again! take a look over on bonbon today--there's a little shout out to you my dear...

  8. I must say Elizabeth - you are constantly whetting my appetite - can't wait to get there.

  9. There is something about cats and their paws that I can't resist and, since the subject is pets today, here is my posting of today, the Cat and the Choreographer. Do hope you can visit SNAPSHOTS.

    I was at Union Square the other day, and the abundance of spring flowers amazed me.

  10. I like your eye and the snippets that go along with the pictures. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world.

  11. I love your pictures, but I can't look at them any more because they make me sad. I live in Cincinnati, yet I love NYC. You have a good eye.

  12. Ah!
    A delightful city stroll.

  13. I started off my day with a walk thru my fave pages, trip to the Union S., and relaxing my early morning while viewing amazing photos..
    I wish for new beginnings, fresh starts, clean states, gorgeous flowers, more and more colours from this Spring.
    Ohh yes, more connection referring your meaningful slogan stated above. Loved it!

    Gotta run at work, Happy Spring to you Liz~

  14. I'm behind on blog reading (again). Caught up now....I'm so envious you and Deb got to meet!!! How fun!


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