Friday, April 26, 2013

13th Street

How crisp and bright NewYork light is! (How very different from soft English light.)

How angular and hard-edged.

I look west onto a little bit of The High Line and see the Hudson in the distance and the uber-swanky Standard Hotel. In the middle you can see the truck of the London Meat Company which (apparently) sells Italian sausages. A last reminder that this was the district of meat wholesalers (and transvestites). 
Now all sanitized and a mecca for tourists.

Looking downtown, I like all the brave little trees in the West Village spouting in the shadows of everything new. (The Freedom Tower is the one that rises out of the photo.)

Anyway, back to crisp and angular

but add white chairs and lunch.

In the afternoon I pass one of my favorite windows on 22nd St

and pick up a blossom (seen here much bigger than life-sized) 

I inhale the first lilac of the year.
Happy Spring!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Spring Bouquet

It has been a long hard winter. Last year spring came much earlier so it's extra thrilling to see

magnolia on 22nd Street

the trees outside the Plaza

and in Central Park burgeoning!

From the roof of our building I look down to see reflections of windows on the surface of the street and threes blossoming. 

Here our first feeble effort in one of the three tree pits....subject to dog pee and cigarette butts etc etc. I love the pansies which are so hardy and comical.

Each one a masterpiece.

These are bigger than life sized and about to be hammered between two little bits of art paper.

Voila! a little print....

On our afternoon walk shy daffs on 21st st

and a rather serried row in the Seminary garden.

And last, two kinds of hellebores and a dash of bleeding heart also in 21st Street.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pets Rule

One of the perks of having blogs is being invited to fun events like a pet products media showcase. This one was on Lexington Avenue last Wednesday and featured all sorts of new and amusing items. Buster was invited too, but it is always a nightmare hailing a cab  with a dog in tow so I went on my own.

Dogs around here are super pampered and get gourmet teats. Buster hasn't eaten this one yet which is being saved for a special occasion.  Life is Gruff  delights are made on Long Island. I was given lots of samples which looked good enough for me to eat.

I was particularly taken with the breakfast platter... 

I'm not sure Buster would put up with being Lady Liberty but this costume might suit someone more elegant. It was designed by Abby Kass of Pets en Voyage.

Something we all  absolutely need......a pop up toaster  with a picture of a dog on it....

or paw prints.  I like the paw prints best. (Pangea Brands) 

What Buster would like more than any of the cool collars would be a trip to a swamp in Louisiana where he could hang out with Sam and Sissy and get wet and filthy dirty.

Though he might be alarmed by the alligator. (This is a real one!)

Having an alligator tooth on his collar would be cool. (Swamp dogs of LA)

On a gentler note, Cheryl Jackson of Pink Diamond Paws makes pretty things 

for smaller fashionistas.

The picture tells all....and so sadly true...and funny. Dog Snorz.

For more details about the event and the products contact Pet News Now

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Day at the Beach

Spring -- at last!

Crescent Beach in Huntington, Long Island, with the Sound crystalline clear.

A young man on the shore...

with his mother and sister

who finds important things on the beach

and to put in her pail.


a thing to hang from

then lunch. A splendid outing altogether.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fun with Food

My cell phone died yesterday, so I had to walk down to the Apple store via Chelsea Market where they have super photo shows.

The current one is winner. Funny Food breakfasts by the jazz musician Bill Wurtzel. I bought the book for my grandchildren --well, for me. I intend to start making food art. (Do you remember mashed potato mountains?)

Then I went down to Sarabeth's to gaze at the cookies

and macaroons

and cakes

and more cookies

and so on

and so on.

I love to look into their kitchen.