Sunday, February 26, 2012

Before Lunch

Haven't done this blog for ages. Feel guilty. The world is not waiting for it exactly. Simply no ideas at all, so take the phone when I go out for the dog's pre-lunch walk.

Wander down 21st Street and turn on the magic Hipstamatic, which turns dross to gold. Well, not exactly dross, but any old photo anyway. What interests me here are the nice crisp shadows in the long window with white blinds.

Being barred out makes the idea of 'inside' that more enticing. No real sunlight in this courtyard though --or only a few beams at high noon. 

Lots and lots of shadows and bars and a great deal of GREEN.

More green when I look into La Grainne on the corner of 9th Avenue and 21st Street. Good crepes there but way too many people on a Sunday.

Ah, the artistic shabby-chic where the posters were pulled down

or remain semi-up

The HaHaFresh (really!) convenience store is convenient, and has all the things you run out of as well as fruit and flowers --and they let the dog in which is a big plus.

I think it is almost time to buy tulips. I refuse to buy any flowers out of season, which is very silly since all flowers are in season somewhere. But I would never want daffodils in August or chrysanthemums in May. Would you?

Now pussy willow, on the other hand......

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

High Line Update

A Sunday walk

looking East down 23rd Street --all rather grim and monochrome

then, heading south, ghost writing on the exposed brick wall,  and the grass looking dead-ish.

but, lo and behold, this too-early spring, the verbena has sprung.

looking North at 22nd Street

and East at 21st Street with the witch hazel
 in bloom and the Seminary in the background.

Lots of tourists taking pictures

and tourist's friend getting bored of people taking pictures....

and the tall grasses  -- such a dried straw color

 a foil for the Sandeman.

 too chilly to sit down for a snack

so looking East at 15th Street

and down at the ground.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Museum

My main post about The New Museum is here so these are just some leftover photos.

Really worth a visit for all sorts of reasons.  I liked the little white jugs with the upside down branches.

I like looking at people looking at things as much as the things themselves.

A security person walking past a painting -- not carrying it as it sort of looks like.

The magic carpet was part of the exhibition and a little boy was resting on it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wet Day in Soho

Wandering in Soho on my way to lunch with with fellow blogger and writer Sarah Laurence. She's American married to and Englishman. I'm the opposite...

Anyway, with the Hipstamatic ap Soho looks old and gritty --here Prince and Lafyette.

Spring Street when the characters in the yellow vests leapt out of their steaming tar vehicle and headed into the pizza shop.

A bicycle echoing a bicycle on the corner of Cosby Street where we once looked at an apartment.

Same place with the cobblestones looking almost Dutch.

Decided to go and lust after high end eats...

and admire all the fruit

at Dean and Deluca.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Waiting for Something

Quite a lot of the day seems to be spent hanging round

waiting for something to turn up.

 in this case the bus

or to discover what exciting things go on underground

here on the subway to see what's on the cell phone or in the paper

here looking bored (and avoiding eye contact)

more newspaper

or looking up the track

to se if anything's coming

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chocolate Week

One of the perks of being a New York City blogger is getting invited to fun events.

This morning it was the press breakfast at DB Bistro Moderne for Chocolate Week a collaboration of restaurants celebrating the joys of chocolate while supporting Action Against Hunger a really worthwhile cause fighting malnutrition worldwide.  The croissants and pain chocolat were exactly as they should be -- feather light and melting.

Chefs had prepared samples of the desserts they will be serving. Here creme brulee with chocolate sprinkled on top with spun sugar. (Raspberry coulis hidden at the bottom....)

Fresh fruit to cleanse the palate -- then strawberries.

The proud inventors of the said delicious desserts: Jean-Louis Gerin, master chef of France (Restaurant Jean-Louis), Ashley Bauze, Executive Pastry Chef (db Bistro Moderne), Claud Goddard, Master Chef of France (Jeanne & Gaston), Brian Gruskin, Executive Chef (Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar)

The poster for the event asks How much is enough? In the case of most people and chocolate the answer is: quite a lot!

We end with chocolate with edible gold.  Gosh!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bright Morning/ShadowShotSunday

About 7:30 in the morning. Everyone (except me) rushing to work 

The coffee stand on the corner of 9th Avenue is very popular

as is the one on 8th Avenue where you can see the bagels and rolls.

Back to the stand on 9th, pretty heavy on yummy looking carbs.
(This is not exactly my friend Merisi's Vienna!)

Berch has decorated the windows at the Moonstruck Diner

with pink balloons.......probably to celebrate the birth
 of my granddaughter Gretchen on February 1st...

Happy Weekend!

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