Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chocolate Week

One of the perks of being a New York City blogger is getting invited to fun events.

This morning it was the press breakfast at DB Bistro Moderne for Chocolate Week a collaboration of restaurants celebrating the joys of chocolate while supporting Action Against Hunger a really worthwhile cause fighting malnutrition worldwide.  The croissants and pain chocolat were exactly as they should be -- feather light and melting.

Chefs had prepared samples of the desserts they will be serving. Here creme brulee with chocolate sprinkled on top with spun sugar. (Raspberry coulis hidden at the bottom....)

Fresh fruit to cleanse the palate -- then strawberries.

The proud inventors of the said delicious desserts: Jean-Louis Gerin, master chef of France (Restaurant Jean-Louis), Ashley Bauze, Executive Pastry Chef (db Bistro Moderne), Claud Goddard, Master Chef of France (Jeanne & Gaston), Brian Gruskin, Executive Chef (Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar)

The poster for the event asks How much is enough? In the case of most people and chocolate the answer is: quite a lot!

We end with chocolate with edible gold.  Gosh!


  1. Oh my gosh it all looks amazing! Especially the rolls in the first picture. Lucky you!

  2. Right lets get this straight - there is a Moonstruck Diner and super chocolate eating opportunities in NYC. MUST BUY A PLANE TICKET NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. You made my mouth water with this chocolate heaven post.

  4. The Big Apple knows Chocolate! Amazing food art. Looks good enough to eat~~~and it is!

    Excuse me while I go look for all the chocolate I hid from myself.

  5. wowowowwoooo..

    i don't know what to say
    i want

    to eat
    of this............................

  6. I love chocolates and all kind of sweeties! :)

  7. Hardship assignment! Chocolate is a beautiful thing.

  8. Beautiful photos. Looks tasty. Have a nice week. Greetings from Romania

  9. I am a New York blogger and, alas, they haven't discovered me, yet!

  10. Gracious those chocolate croissants look amazing. We ate those every day at the Euro Cafe (or something like that) across the street from The Newton. YUM. Lucky blogger you.

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