Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sugar: More Holiday Snaps

Sugar cane fields surround Sunbury Plantation House. These must have been horribly hard to work in in the burning sun.

Sugar the source of wealth for Barbados in past centuries - wealth not evenly distributed - but this is a blog not a political treatise. Suffice it to say, things are much changed  and for the better I think. We come merely to enjoy a historical artifact.

Sunbury Plantation House must have been a delight to live in. Not too very huge - there are four bedrooms

but with a super huge downstairs where large numbers could dine in splendor on the astoundingly long dining table. Anne Marie gave a most interesting short talk then let us wander about at our own pace.

The house looks as if the owners have just wandered out for the day - so many hats to protect against the bright Caribbean sun!

Jalousie widows open to allow for a cross breeze.

Airy bedrooms

a collection of cameras.

 photo courtesy of James Lapsley.

In the gardens, beneath the banyan tree, a huge container that would have been used for boiling down sugar.  Look at the 'beards' hanging from the tree. Diana said she was glad Barbados had no snakes!

Then we had a delicious cream tea and talked about the past.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Military Cemetery, Barbados

I always find visiting cemeteries both moving and fascinating. How much information can be gleaned in the few words inscribed on the stone.

The military cemetery in Barbados was very close to the sea and had graves dating back to the 17th century - most of these were weather and sea worn. It was raining when I was there and reminded me of England...

except for the bouganvillea. Too many graves of men  who died in their twenties. (Malaria?)

Such exotic trees and lichen-covered wall.

Detritus from a 'Silk Cotton' tree.


A calabash

as above.

Almost all the gravestones were of men born in Barbados, England, India or New Zealand - such echoes of empire. This one for Hercules Webster Bauld ( such a splendid name!) was the only American I noticed.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Little house in the country

Christian Science Church near Bridgetown

Palm tree on the beach

Stormy afternoon

more of the same

and sunset

afterglow with canons.......

Friday, February 7, 2014

File Under: OTHER PLACES. Escape from New York...

The view from the front of the air train from Jamaica where the driver should be ....

As you can see it is raining on top of snow.
This was on Tuesday morning in an ice storm.

Well, we went to Barbados where the beach has sugary sand

and the waves crash onto the rocks

and the colors are exquisite.

I immediately start looking for curious buildings

and almost equally curious shop windows.

Not to mention the broiling Atlantic.