Saturday, April 7, 2018

Not Spring Yet...

Much neglected blog....
Not too much to report.
Hideous weather
Hideous president

However, some charming snowdrops on Long Island

a wonderful Grant Wood show at The Whitney
best public exhibition I have been to in ages

even when he is at his most depressing.

On a cheerier note - a splendid exhibition of Lucy Dodd's work
at the David Lewis Gallery. I have known Lucy since before she was born. 

And then there are always the delights of food.
A pistachio eclair for Frances and a brioche for me.

On a wet day Eisenburg's Sandwich Shop

provides comfort food galore.
Toasted bagel and bacon.
Pickles and a BLT.

This morning there were bright ranunculi at Union Square.

Hurry up spring...