Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Urban Gardening

The gardening season is upon us.

Time to revamp the tree pits. They are necessarily filled with annuals - tweaked during the various seasons. The tulips have been removed, the pansies struggle on - the ones that didn't get aphids. Blue and white salvias have been added - and, lo and behold, a sunflower seems to have appeared. Volunteers welcomed.

This is the tansy that ate Cleveland. I fear it is rather a horrid plant. Do check the link. I bought a little one at a green market last summer because I had heard the name but never grown one. It survived over the winter on the roof - I moved it to a friend's terrace where it took over a rather large planter. I decided to put it out on the street. It grows about three inches a day...

Gosh, a real iris on the terrace I'm looking after.

The lavender is blooming on the common roof terrace. I'm not thrilled with potato vines but another of the garden committee members is. That's the trouble with a committee - you have to be democratic and humor other people.

First roof gleanings - yesterday evening.

Viola flowers - much larger than life.

This picture is not in the city. Teaching the little ones to make flower arrangements!

And now at Union Square  -peonies!

This is the most glorious gardening time of year.


  1. Gorgeous flowers Elizabeth! You really is a great photographer!
    So lovely you teaching the little ones to make flower arrangements.

  2. Elizabeth, it's great seeing how your gardens grow! I do see what you mean about the tansy Its leaves are attractive...I wonder if cutting it back actually encourages its growth.
    The adorable little girl in the pretty dress is getting a very good introduction to the pleasures that flowers can bring.


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