Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One World Trade Center

Years ago I used to bike by the old World Trade Center quite often. I went up one of the old Twin towers in 1993 - the week before the very first small bombing.
Anyway, when my friend Daryl asked me to lunch at the new One World Trade Center, I was very excited having only seen the tower from a distance.

So subway to WTC
up the steps...

Lovely tower ahead.

Madly imposing desk and stringent security (both good.)

I look up in the lobby

am greeted by Daryl looking stunningly slim and chic - as ever.

We lunch in the elegant Conde Nast cafeteria

from which there are astounding views - see the reflecting pool below and The Statue of Liberty upper right.

So much building going on downtown. Cranes everywhere - all very exciting.

Ah, to be young and pale and red-headed - and for horrid brown walls to actually work.

In the lobby downstairs a vast abstract painting I love. Gosh, it's good to get out of the house once in a while and look about me.

Daryl has daily splendid photos of downtown and uptown world on Instagram. You can see them here  DARYL10024

Saturday, March 14, 2015


It's the middle of March....

Frances and I went to Union Square  and, lo and behold!

and primulas

the first of the season.

Anemones wrapped in green paper

and narcissus

and poppies that must have been grown indoors -  but never mind.

Oddly, there were very aged squash that must have overwintered somewhere

and antique carrots beginning to sprout. After all this excitement we needed a snack

because even though it was bright, it was cold.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Sun Finally Came Out...and We Venture to the East Side

Sunday dawned chilly but sunny

by the grace of the Saint Teresa of East Broadway and her bounteous artificial flowers

just near a very old fashioned news vendor. 
We headed to an art show

 at Pier 36

then a late lunch at Pete's.

Monday was more and more sunny and the snow started to melt and make huge puddles.

This morning you could see the bus in the distance
and beyond that - perhaps -

the Easter Bunny pondering deep thoughts...

Friday, March 6, 2015

More Snow and then Sunshine

I'm really, really hoping these are the last snow pictures I'll bore you with this year.

Here, seen through the grubby windows of the M23 bus, are glum people trudging about as the snow falls. We had 7 inches in total.

More of the same

and then we pass the Flatiron Building.

I bought bread and salad at Eric Kayser

then missed the bus by Madison Square Park

where I spotted a cheerful red umbrella.  

In the afternoon, I spied a snow plough though the window of Tea & Sympathy

and the Joyce theater though the window of a taxi.

Lo and behold! This morning was sunny - if only 11F...

The sun was so bright window reflections appear confetti-like on opposite walls.

On the roof dead rose leaves are encased in ice.

Looking down all is crisp. I hope the sun melts some of the wretched snow and we can at last dream of spring...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

ABC Carpet

When outside looks like this:

and people wait for the bus and/or spring - neither of which show any signs of arriving any time soon -  we reflect on the fact that this has been the coldest winter since 1934. We need to escape.

So, we head to ABC Carpet where the decor can be relied upon to be shabby chic and artsy and beautifully weird. Here we come upon this poor Madonna who seems to need to escape too.

Or maybe she finds meditating on metal bits therapeutic. Who knows?

Upstairs there are lace curtains

and reflections

and beds the like of which I'll never sleep in.

At home I'm reduced to photographing flowers.

Snow expected to start about 10am.....