Friday, March 6, 2015

More Snow and then Sunshine

I'm really, really hoping these are the last snow pictures I'll bore you with this year.

Here, seen through the grubby windows of the M23 bus, are glum people trudging about as the snow falls. We had 7 inches in total.

More of the same

and then we pass the Flatiron Building.

I bought bread and salad at Eric Kayser

then missed the bus by Madison Square Park

where I spotted a cheerful red umbrella.  

In the afternoon, I spied a snow plough though the window of Tea & Sympathy

and the Joyce theater though the window of a taxi.

Lo and behold! This morning was sunny - if only 11F...

The sun was so bright window reflections appear confetti-like on opposite walls.

On the roof dead rose leaves are encased in ice.

Looking down all is crisp. I hope the sun melts some of the wretched snow and we can at last dream of spring...


  1. Elizabeth, such a beautiful photo essay of our long long winter...change is in the air!

    1. Thanks, Steph! Yup this morning - Sunday - it's above freezing at 7am - wow! a miracle

  2. I was watching the weather channel whilst in Florida and was amazed at the amount of snow and records been broken this year.

    1. Yes, it's been quite the worst winter since 1934! I'm sure Florida was better!

  3. Photos I love, weather I do not love so much. Your winter has been challenging to say the least! I would have lost my tiny little mind! You are made of better stuff!

    1. My very small mind was lost a long time ago...

  4. I've been enjoying catching up on your posts this morning. I love that so many of the places in your photos look familiar to me!! I, too, am looking forward to taking photos of spring. Winter photography is getting old to me. That's probably why I haven't been taking many photos lately. I have a few that I haven't shared yet to hold me over until the first signs of spring. : ) I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  5. Oh My Goodness, what beautiful but cold photos.
    The wildflowers are already blooming here in Tucson. We did have some winter rains but I think not enough.
    I am not sure if that means the flowers are blooming because of the rain we had or if they are blooming before the scorching hot summer comes ?
    I think of Tea and Sympathy every time I see a Cadberry Egg, I assume is made by Hersey.
    Must check out the online markets for English chocolates.
    Be warm and woofs to Buster.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. and oh wasn't if fabulous when the sun shone....I actually took my scarf off on Sunday!!!

    1. Was so great to meet you- and thank heavens you had a little bit of warmer weather.
      Look for Frances' blog on my sidebar CityViews/Country Dreams.

  7. More slush pics than snow pics but it still looks SO cold. Please wrap up warm! x

  8. You have certainly had more than enough snow this winter. Red so noticeable this time of year. In the garden centre restaurant this morning 3 people had bright red coats and they really stood out from the rest.


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