Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beach 2/Robert Moses

Those of you who read this blog pretty often will recall many happy days at Field 3 of Robert Moses State Park. So this post is just one in a series taken through several years.

However, Hurricane Sandy really caused some fairly significant changes. For one thing, the pitch or angle of the beach is altered.

The dunes on the west end of Field 3 look rather battered.

The beach is now somewhat flatter which is lovely.

Instead of the sand being all pure beige or 'sandy', there are now some washes of darker sand which seems lighter - and floats to the surface. How clear the water is!  The posh word is pellucid.

One thing Sandy did was wash away one lot of sand and replace it with another. (Well, the Corps of Engineers helped). People who have those little wands to look for metal treasures are miserable... 

but shell-collecters are thrilled.

How sheeny and shiny the wet shells are - and how dull they get sitting in a jar or on a shelf at home. 

The birds were out in force...

doing bird things like taking off and landing.

The people were there walking

or just hanging about in the waves.

My shadow was there looking like some odd Edwardian traveller.

Lori's beach bag from Morocco was there too.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Cornucopia/Union Square

No sooner do I start thinking I'm interested in black and white photography than the world is ablaze with color.

Frances and I were at the green market yesterday. Such a stunning time with everything coming into season... like tempting little egg plants

bee-seducing sunflowers (bee hiding in top flower)

blushing snapdragons

country bouquets and

plums with bloom on.

New potatoes at last.

Star-gazer lilies

zinnias so bright you need sunglasses.

Sneak-able peaches (see young man in the foreground!)
beefsteak tomatos

green beans galore

and corn stacked like cordwood.

On a completely different note, there was the first mention of "back-to-school" on TV this morning. Horrors... it's only July for goodness sake...
but I've started prepping - or at least thinking about - A DAY OF WORDS the one day writing workshop I'm teaching on Saturday September 28th at Little Bird Studios in New York. It should be lots of fun and is open to anyone. Do join our little group!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Brooklyn/ Sunday

Not quite so hot...but still sticky.

We take the L train to Brooklyn so we can look at Manhattan from afar. I'm trying out a new Instagram lens which make things look a bit more gloomy than it actually was...

So, when not in Manhattan people need to look at it through a telescope

or have their photos taken with The Empire State Building as a backdrop. 

Plenty of good lunch snacks at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg near Brooklyn Flea.

I have a love/hate relationship with 'old stuff', but the turquoise color was fun and sort of Mexican (as was lunch)

Heads without bodies are always a bit disturbing. Note the floating one on the left.

Guess what this one's earrings are made from...

you got it!...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Robert Moses Beach/ First Visit This Year

At last! We finally managed to get to the beach and were delighted to find it mostly unchanged.

However, on closer inspection, the power of Hurricane Sandy was evident in the angle of the beach - which is now a bit flatter, so the waves are somewhat gentler.

The dunes have been repaired and a lot of beach grasses replanted.

The little inlet at Field #3 as still there. Good for little children (and me) to paddle in.

Looking south

then down at glittery water!

And my greedy chums the seagulls.

The tiddlies came with us and dug holes and collected shells. 

We tried to keep Gretchen in the shade. 

Grandpa restrained Henry from rushing off into ocean..

Both a snack and a beer were in order on the way home.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


A teapot and Alladin's lamp ...

transport us...

to the 20th floor of a building on 57th Street.

Vertigo inducing to look down on the little people scurrying about in the traditional ant-style.

Fun when the lights came on.

Not a blade of grass to be seen.

Two shots looking East

and a last one just looking down.

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