Monday, August 26, 2013

The End of this Blog....

What super kind comments from so many people. I'm really touched. My other blog which is also a bit about New York but also about books and art  is here. There is a thing to check if you want to follow it. I will be trying to keep up with all my blogger blog chums too. Anyway...

 I went up to the roof this afternoon and took a photo of the Empire State Building.

Then I looked down and took a photo of people crossing the street.

 I noticed how many berries were on the tree on the roof.

After that I picked some dill and salvia, two zinnias and a couple of blades of grass, which I took downstairs and photographed on the black table that was left here by a friend six years ago. 

These roses are over life-sized - as is the oregano.  After that I decided that I have run out of things to put in this blog. After over 841 posts and 298,863 page views, enough is definitely enough. This blog was mostly about New York; my other one The World Examining Works is more about fruit and flowers and family and hasn't got a proper theme at all except to show pictures of things. 
Blogger is easy to manage, but, to my mind at least, Typepad is better looking.What fun it's been!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gray Day in DUMBO

I hadn't been to DUMBO (down under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) for about ten years. Then, I bicycled there. This time I came on the subway.

Friday was overcast and gloomy. Everything in Dumbo was oversized, industrial strength and dramatic.

It's all been gentrified to bits -which is wonderful. Here I am under the bridge.

And more of the same.

How light the lofts must be!

Old tram tracks and cobblestones...

shouting out urban and gritty

and reflecting things

a restaurant swathed in vines

and an astoundingly fancy French patisserie. I need to explore further.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday in the Park with Jo

It's embarrassing how rarely we get to Central Park when it's not difficult to get to at all. I always forget what fun it is.

So, yesterday we descended the long steps that lead to the pond...

and felt what a difference from the bustle of the street.

It was very GREEN.

Wind ruffled the surface of the water and there were ducks.

What a strange, tall building next to the Essex House!

Of course there were thousands of people there - lots of them taking photos like me.

There was a fun fair with rides...

and The Dairy looking like a Victorian railway station.

A beautiful day for just lying around

or getting cool information from the partially obscured tour guide.

Lots of generic and bad-for-you snacks. YUM.

And the piece-de-resistance - the angel presiding over the round pond with the boating lake beyond.

Now for a short quiz a la Where's Waldo.

Can you find:

1. the bride
2. the two dog walkers
3. the muscle man
4. the boy with the bike helmet