Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter Continues...and What to Do to Combat it...

The groundhog has spoken.
Six more weeks of winter - and it's still bitter cold.

Madison Square Park is bright and chilly

But Eric Kayser serves hot tea and gives you a little tiny financier in your saucer.
Another day I repair to the flower district

and bathe in bright ranunculus 

and more ranunculus

and anemones

and weird begonias with swirls in them

and my very favorites - hellebores more charmingly referred to as Lenten Roses.

I go home and make sketches and start on a new tapestry design having stocked up on colored wools.
I'm reading Agnes Jeykll's Kitchen Essays from 1922 which summon up a lost world and have just finished Diana Holman-Hunt's delightfully batty memoir My Grandmothers and I from 1960.
Only six more weeks.....