Friday, July 8, 2016

New Site

As long time readers of About New York know, that site had been around a long time.
Now I'm mostly posting pictures on Instagram as biffwix

I'm also posting some photos of flowers and vegetables and talking a little bit about history and writing on Random Images - a Wordpress site. 

Warmest summer wishes from a sweltering New York.


  1. I'm happy you are carrying on here...I am sad to the loss of our vibrant art blogging community but adore following you on IG...and all around :)

  2. Could you waft some of that 'swelter' our way Elizabeth? Dreary, cloudy, chilly days here at present.

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  4. So many people I know are using Instagram. I guess that for you Elizabeth there comes a time when you have 'done' New York so I can understand but do hope that you will continue blogging.I don't think I want to be sweltering but would like some sun without the relentless rain. Hard to imagine that we are half way through July.


I look forward to hearing from you!