Saturday, June 30, 2012

Around Town

The perennial fascination of virgin concrete

and thinking about work.

Having tired of all the stripes around, I started looking for first spot capture.

Such a lovely picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on the beer truck.

Union Square in the season of straw hats

and glorious bouquests

a puffy tree on the High Line

and a close-up of the mid-summer flowers.

Happy 4th July

Monday, June 25, 2012

High Line and Some Oddities

So, it's cherry season and I have a rather painterly ap on my phone.....

This is what happens when they don't put a fierce guard next to new concrete. Hi Doug and Cliff and Max and S who loves S. On the steps to our roof, Shithead Billy is immortalized.....I wonder where he is now?

So --  grass on the High Line

and a butterfly

and a woman, bold as brass, picking berries. Gosh, so I took her photo. Me :"Oh, er, um..... I didn't think we" 
She: "They're blah-blah berries. Would you like to try one?"
Me:"No, no, absolutely not."
So she went back to picking them.  I really have got to stop policing the globe; it's getting too tiring.

A nice bird who I will allow to pick the berries.

Swirly grass

as Frances said a taste of July 4th.....

A blue stipey family. Is it just me, or are there lots and lots this year?

On the way down from the High Line, this cheery worker wanted his photo taken!

Then Bergamot where I ate this poor fellow all up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding of the Year

Much anticipated, beautifully planned, our friends David and Robert don't do anything by halves. They got engaged the very night gay marriage was made legal in New York State. 
Anyway, what more splendid venue than Rockerfeller Center. Here outside

Here inside....

The diningroom so tastefully monochrome

the garden high over St.Patrick's Cathedral and 5th Avenue

even Benny, Buster's chum, the grooms' dog, got to visit for a bit.

The men had better hats than the ladies

everyone was dressed up

the opening cocktail a prickly pear margarita  YUM

umbrellas/parasols provided by the venue

and dinner beside a myriad votive candles

the cake

and the view from the window.

Happy couple now in Bali. The rest of us in NY where it is 95'F

Thursday, June 14, 2012


A collection of odds and ends today. I think it would be rather fun to play in a sea of newly poured concrete. Here outside London Terrace. 

June is really not prime fur coat weather. Here on a side street near Penn Station.

Taken from the High Line near 26th Street. Kobra (and his minions) are painting a psychedelic rendition of the iconic end-of-WW2 photo.

The Morgan Library at lunch time. We sit near two women in Hamburglar costumes. Similar but not exactly alike. Did they plan this? Are they sisters? A mystery. I recommend the current Winston Churchill exhibition. What vivid precise language he used. How appalling (and typically English) his school reports were.

More lunch time. This time at Ground Zero.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hudson River

New Jersey on the other side....

Such browny/purply water.....

and reflections sparkling  on a metal hull.

I rather like the old fashioned boats

especially this one!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gloomy Weather

26th Street is gloomy at the best of times.

The church ( built in 1907) has seen better days...

and has extra vivid verdigris/moss on the steps.

A bad photo of rather super clouds in the late afternoon.

A puddle this morning

and a view from a taxi

urban indeed

and metallic

It's the brief magic season of the lime-bloom, the linden.  I know exactly which streets to walk down to savor the scent.