Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gloomy Weather

26th Street is gloomy at the best of times.

The church ( built in 1907) has seen better days...

and has extra vivid verdigris/moss on the steps.

A bad photo of rather super clouds in the late afternoon.

A puddle this morning

and a view from a taxi

urban indeed

and metallic

It's the brief magic season of the lime-bloom, the linden.  I know exactly which streets to walk down to savor the scent.


  1. looks like the us and the uk have had the same weather - you may have seen some of our jubilee celebrations on TV. But everyone enjoyed it just the same!!


  2. Hello Elizabeth:
    And, it has been rather showery here with us too, but warm nevertheless!

    Your 'gloomy' pictures have a metallic quality to them which has great appeal! So urban!!

  3. It is indeed gloomy,in the city and here in the country. I'm missing the peonies all ready even though there's a few blooms left on the bushes.

  4. We also had such great special clouds here today ❧

  5. I love that you know which streets to walk down to see what is blooming at any given time.
    I don't know the Linden but what a beautiful color.
    It is sunny, blue skies and will only be a rather chilly 99 today. In Tucson that is just a warm day !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Gosh you bring back visceral sense-memories of where I come from. Then I look out the window- Holy S****!

    Thanks for the soul-shock

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  7. I do so love your puddle shots!
    P.S. I haven't pounded my flowers yet, but will soon. I'll show you the results.

  8. Yes Elizabeth, the NYC skies have been full of drama, with all sorts of cloud layers, and sporadic appearances of bright blue sky.

    Perhaps the blue sky is playing some sort of peek-a-boo? I'm just glad that we haven't really had much need for umbrella, no matter what the threat.


  9. The weather is the same here too.

  10. I return time and again to savour your raw and gritty street shots not only in this post but many others. thanks Elizabeth.

  11. We have lime trees here, I wonder if they're the same sort, will ask. I haven't noticed any fragrance but maybe it's a bit early for blossom in Scotland. Anyway, cool, gritty shots.

  12. you bring back great memories of New York..even when gloomy. Must go again one day soon!xxthanks for sharing these great imagesxxlynda

  13. Favorite photo is the view from the taxi. Hi Elizabeth! Just stopping in to see all your great NY photos.

    Glad the lady that broke her leg is okay.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Gloomy day or not, it's still a thrill to explore the gritty streets of NYC with you. That photo of the car is just outstanding in how it captures the idea of "big city life."

  15. Linden...I've read about the linden trees in London in novels. When we were there in 2009 the linden were in bloom and the little fibers drifting down gave several of us temporary sore throats. A new experience for me, but the trees were beautiful. I love big, beautiful trees...

  16. Interesting. I don't know the smell of Linden trees. Must look out for them.


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