Thursday, June 11, 2009


Like Charles Lamb, I like old china.
I like new china too.

Below is the cereal bowl I use every day.
 (Yes, I know it is a "rimmed soup bowl". )

I Meditate on Plates

they reap the corn two centuries ago
in  some hot european field
where two men stand bent slightly over sythes
and women stoop to gather what's been cut

it was ever thus
this rustic idyll
congealing under weetabix
in tasteful monochrome
villeroy and bosch
dishwasher safe
to grace a polished table

the sweat! the smell!
long hours under scalding sun
I'd hate to be a peasant then
broad-fingered ignorant
and numb to everything 
save aching back and shoulders' burn
I'd long to loll
in shade beside the cows
beneath the heavy trees

I wouldn't think that I looked charmant
wouldn't care to decorate a dish
my labor turned to prettiness.

Second string cereal bowl.

Below a partial list of bloggers who said they were posting about plates.
Please leave a comment or e-mail me if your name isn't here and it should be.


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* coming later


  1. These rimmed soup bowls are gorgeous!

  2. I'll be plating on Friday!

  3. A beautiful plate makes normal food gourmet...yours are beautiful!

  4. You are the one who got me interested in collecting old mismatched china about 30 years ago, and now I have a wonderful collection, including some that you brought back from England. Love the very beautiful foodie pix.

  5. That cereal bowl is exquisite. I love how your harvesters hide under Weetabix! Delightful poem!!

  6. This is exactly the type of china I imagined you eating off of. They are beautiful!

    My plates will be up tomorrow.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!


  7. I saw Dales post about this and you made me go to cupboards to find a very few of my plates,there are dozens but now mostly now hidden away but it was fun to get a few out out. On my blog later today.

  8. ok, now you've gotten me hungry with this delicious looking display. I'm afraid it's time for a midnight snack...

  9. I love your plates and soup bowls. ;-)


  10. Here's another plate lover but I'm too late for this one as I don't have photos. I'll remedy that and post mine at a later date. LBx

  11. A second string cereal bowl? I love it! And, yes, my plate post is up!

  12. Lovely plates! I'll be posting some later today too!

  13. the cereal bowl looks yummy!!

  14. I saw the plates on Dale's blog and loved them too!- thanks for showing your lovely plates Elizabeth - I've posted some of my favourites on

  15. Hello Elizabeth,

    Just popped in via Weaver and Willow! I decided to have a go at this too, if you'll have me?

    Your meditation is great. Such backbreaking toil depicted for our delectation! And your banana and strawberries look fabulous on the blue and white.

  16. Mine is not quite a plate, but I hope you will feel it is in keeping with the spirit of the occasion. You can read about my china trinket box (featuring Tintern Abbey) here.

  17. So lovely and Classic, Elizabeth. I bet you enjoy your Weetabix (have you tried the organic version by the way?)cereal twice as much in that bowl as you would in any other.


    P.S. I'm a bit behind, but will have my post up very soon.

  18. Beautiful photography, presentation and porcelain - and that you use it!

  19. Thank you very much, Elizabeth, for visiting my Coastcard blog. I am delighted to be added to your list. I suspect from your photos that you also love the colour blue?

    What a brilliant idea 'Plate Friday' is proving to be. As for the Malvern area ... I love the silhouettes of (what I think of as) those blue remembered hills...'. I imagine though, that Housman was actually writing about Shropshire.

    I find I 'meet' so many wonderful bloggers through Weaver's posts.

  20. Gorgeous plates and bowls, Elizabeth...especially that last one features--your cereal, strawberries & bananas looks so happy in blue & white china. :o) I was sorry to have missed this event... Maybe you'll do again? Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  21. delightful platescape Elizabeth!!

    i will play plates on monday...

  22. I love your cereal bowl(s), I too dip my spoon into a 'soup' bowl when breakfasting on honey'ied oaten cheery O's but alas my bowls, my dishes are not fit for others eyes to spy and so I shall sit and stare at all the others dishware

  23. This is so interesting (: If you are doing another one of these features, I would totally be interested!

  24. Well! I knew they'd be lovely, and these are exquiste! That 2nd one...from Morocco? Of course, your plate meditation is superb as well. Nothing could be nicer, could it, than lolling in the shade beside some bovine beauties. Perhaps with a book of poetry and a plate of luscious strawberries...that blue one would do perfectly. And maybe, if one is extra greedy, a long flute of Moet.

    I think I'll do some plates over the weekend. You are an inspiration, Elizabeth!

    Had such a lovely meander through your blog catching up with the posts I missed while in Turkey. Such a delight - such wonderful images. I feel quite refreshed....

  25. Oh these are beautiful! The soup bowl would get a lot of use over here. I would use it for everything from soup, thai take out, or cheerios!



  26. I did't reply but I should be here as I'm putting a post together about my plates on Magic Armchair Traveller... Sorry. Will enjoy a trip around the tableware of the world when I'm done!

  27. Very pretty, breakfast bowls one and two! How healthy your cereal looks with those berries in it.

    We have Adams breakfast china -- got it for our wedding and actually use it -- and the other day our friend Pete Adams saw it and said that the china-making clan were a branch of his family tree!

    Clever poem.

  28. I have really enjoyed the plate tour - what a huge variety there is. Lovely idea Elizabeth.
    Valerie at Acornmoon (herself a mug designer) has suggested we might do a MUG MONDAY as a follow-up. What do you think? I have suggested Monday June 22nd as a date and have also suggested we might show our mugs in a table setting. Hope all your plate bloggers join in if they think it a good idea. Doesn't it link us all together nicely.

  29. I live near a Villeroy & Bosch outlet - it's a very dangerous place to live!

  30. Hey there, Elizabeth! Beautiful plates, you have here. :) I've posted a plate post on my blog, too.

  31. This was great fun, Elizabeth! Thanks for inviting me -- I'm making some very interesting discoveries.


  32. I have blogged on plates!
    Yours photos, plates and poem are scrumptious.

  33. Re: Villeroy & Bosch outlet - I live near Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - this is the info

  34. Too beautiful - and just the right china for you, I think. Wonderful photography.
    Thanks for getting everybody together for this - I'm off now to see the other posts!

  35. Me again! My post will be up tomorrow ... I'm late to the plate it seems ...

  36. wow, you really opened the doors on this one - everywhere I looked today, I saw beautiful plates! I love your cereal bowl, which I guess isn't a plate, but it's very cool!

  37. I have a plate fetish so would loved to have joined in! The photo of your back-up cereal bowl is fabulously colorful! I swear I have that bowl...

  38. Love your words about the little guys on your bowl, the charment ones (you know) and your other cereal bowl and you! You have china! Wish I had a little china to express myself with ;-). Don't worry, I have fabric!


  39. I love the idea of having random, and beautiful, dishes, plates, etc. It makes me want to check al the thrift & antique stores to see if I can grab a "find".

  40. 'A rustic idyll congealing under Weetabix'! Gorgeous.

  41. Hello,
    I have found your blog through Weaver of Grass, she wrote about your plate show and tell and i rather lightheartedly suggested having a Mug Monday. This idea seems to have generated some interest and Weaver has suggested July 22nd.

    Now I am not sure what to do next, I notice that you have a list of participants, would you be interested in playing along?

    Now I am off to explore the rest of your blog!

  42. What an entertaining tour of people's crockery collections! Thanks for putting it togetehr!

  43. Hello Elizabeth,

    Late last night, I did manage some very blurry photos and equally blurry words about some of my plates.

    Thank you for suggesting this theme! xo

  44. Fabulous plates!

    In the second pic, bagels, schmear and ... arugula?

    Hey I was a peasant in many past lifetimes. We weren't dumb or numb - we just didn't have money.

    Happy weekend!

  45. Love your plates and bowls. It's good to know that they're used to.

  46. I've set my plate, I'm on board!

  47. Reya: I didn't say the peasants were DUMB
    I just said they were numb to all sorts of stuff because so over-worked.
    I'm certain my ancestors were peasants too!

  48. This is fun. I can't wait to look at all the other comments and have a look at all the favorite plates.

  49. yes yes yes! gorgeous :)

    Agneta from Sweden

  50. I love your poem and your plates and dishes are beautiful. I learned about the plate posts from Weaver of Grass and did my own plate post yesterday.

  51. Your 'cereal' bowl is one of my favorite patterns. They are all lovely.

  52. What a wonderful chain you have started. I found you through Weaver of Grass, then Dale and couldn't resist joining in the fun. I love seeing all the plates, and have added some of my collection to my blog Cheers, Robin

  53. Love your plates! All them are beautiful!

    I did a post about plates and antiques. If you have the time to see, please, click HERE.

  54. Those rimmed bowls are beautiful. My mother enjoyed real china crockery.

    And thank you for the wonderful feedback on my novel. I was very moved by your wonderful comment.

  55. Love those bowls. What a fantastic poem accompanying your pretty china!

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. I deleted above,my english was unreadable!Here I go again.Your plates are so pretty.I have posted my plate of the day on my blog ,it is airy and nice to help dry the rose petal beads.

  58. Thanks to Leslie, I checked out your blog for the plates. They and your blog are wonderful!
    I will have my plates posted by tomorrow.

    I new follower.


  59. You have the most beautiful plates ever :P

  60. my computer went kapoot and my plate post must wait--i will do it this week! i love your plates and they speaqk volumes about your exquisite and exotic taste!

  61. Beautiful plates, brilliant poetry. I grew up with Doulton's flow-blue lords and ladies picnicking under the trees, under the slices of Sunday roast with gravy and Yorkshire pud - nothing incongruous there! But the Villeroy & Bosch harvesters pattern will never look the same again to this reader, you have given them a voice.

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