Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After a night of thunderstorms, there was another torrential
downpour at about eight in the morning. I thought Judy would
 forgive me if I stayed home. I went out anyway and discovered
a new water feature/fountain in Penn Plaza.

It was really rather charming.

7th Avenue looking exactly as it always does.

Such lovely colors and chalk a nice respite from spray paint.
It really could be a picture.
(Construction site 23rd Street)

Last week I was handed a coupon book for MacDonalds.
So we went there for lunch. Needless to say, none of the
coupons applied to anything we wanted. We ate there
anyway and gave the coupon book to some Russians.

In the afternoon the dog found a large puddle to lie down in.


  1. How cute...dogs just know where, when and how to relax...anytime they feel like it! Imagine. I kind of like that McTee-it's so bright and happy. Chalk for spray paint? Yes I would go for that change!!!

  2. You have a smart dog. Why waste a good puddle?

  3. Love the puppy in the water! Too cute. As well, the yellow taxi's on 7th Ave - that is the picture that I always have in my mind about NYC!

  4. Dear Friend,
    Wonderful shots!
    Elizabeth. I'm doing a Simple Pleasures post today. You may want to do it too. I hope it is all right. I used one of your shots and gave you credit, the one about kindness. The man and the older woman in front of the bus.

    Will you please let me know if that is NOT ok??

  5. Lovely photos and commentary. Barefooot in the rain. I'd already forgot about that :-).

    Greetings from London.

  6. I'm sure Judy doesn't mind!

    Great images, as always.

    But .. you had lunch at McDonald's? What did you have?

  7. ah what a feast for the eyes...and as for that picnic!!! LORDY! so YUM! always a delight here. love it. xxx janelle

  8. Reya: I had the fish was.......(*!!?)
    When we lived in Maroc where the food was fresh and lovely, about every 6 months we would get a Big Mac attack........very thrilling.
    R. had a quarter under with cheese.
    He is still alive as we speak. He loved every bite of it until about an hour later.....

    Constance: I'm honored you wanted to use a photo from the blog.

  9. About the 'fountain' - you are not serious? Thank you for the diversion to Judy - fabulous blog! Buster is doing what the birds like to do.....

  10. Nothing like a bit of wet dog to add to a rainy day! Very charming.
    When we lived in the South Pacific there was one island where we could get burgers and chocolate shakes - after rowing across a lagoon, hiking up a cliff and walking a mile to the village. Boy, was it worth it! So I totally get the trips to McD's!

  11. Puppies and puddles...aren't they like hippos? How sweet!

    I wanted to link to your book list but didn't have time to search for it. Add a comment with the link if you have time - I loved it. I'm off soon.

  12. I was wondering if the new 'fountain' was a geyser and would erupt... maybe a new version of Old Faithful?

  13. Love the irony- WAKE UP HAPPY with the tatoo- R.I.P.

  14. By the looks of your weather must say I am glad we are not there this week.
    Thanks for the plates e mail - shall certainly post some on Friday and suggest that others do too - good idea of yours.

  15. If we stayed home every time it rained...these days we would not go anywhere :) Seriously I have not seen so much rain, here, for years.
    You take great photos in any weather.

  16. I really love the pic of Buster dancing in the puddle on his blog!

  17. Been watching the east coast get more than their share of downpour with more on the way. It's always something! Our spring has been a super soaker too. Nothing is growing except mold.

  18. I love the picture of the wake upi happy next to his RIP arm! Dogs and puddles-bit like children and puddles really!

  19. I think the entire US was having thunderstorms yesterday...


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