Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Street Fair

London Terrace Annual Flea market

As I've often said before, I really don't like flea markets and old junk though I can quite understand why some people love the element of treasure hunting and the chance to take home a very well muscled mannequin....

a slightly halloween-y cape

an over-rouged figurine

but what's this?

a Grecian helmet! Gosh!

The antique toasters are rather beautiful.

Garden City Cathedral

This photo has escaped from the post below -- I just rather like her --and she's old.


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    Well, we absolutely adore old, shabby, worn, peeling, flaky, vintage, retro, antique stuff!! This street market looks exactly our cup of tea. Indeed, just a glance and we can see so many treasures that we should love to make our own.

    Whatever, you have captured the quirkiness, intrigue and the frisson of a gem which may be hiding amongst the dross that one always feels at these events in your marvellously atmospheric photographs.Oh, if only we could have been there!

  2. Fun collection, Elizabeth!

    France must be the only place where it is fun visit flea markets - at least that is my experience. ;-)

    I think that metal helmet could have belonged to a Roman Legionnaire. Could, if it were not a flimsy copy, that is.

    I may make it to NW right after Halloween.

  3. I actually love looking around flea markets! Great photos!

  4. Why, oh why, don't toasters look like that anymore?!!

  5. What a fun market! And I do love a bit of old junk too - but also the divine looking maiden at the bottom too.

    Pomona x

  6. Best flea market EVER! WOW I would be so broke by the time I made my way to the end. I would want every one of those toaster! My friend has a toaster museum here- He does all sort of things to them, sculpts them into lights and radios and such. Very clever.But the toasters in your photo look like art themselves, just by being. Wonderful.

  7. I totally thought that was a real man in the first picture. I thought oh boy, he definitely shaves his legs. But he is too white? So I had to have a second look. *hand slap!*

  8. I would have bought a toaster just because it is so beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Oh I would love to have had a real old rummage about.Some fascinating things there!

  10. I agree the toasters are the best of show. They look like classy art deco sculpture.

    The muscle man would be a nice quiet passenger who could get you passage into the car pool lane.

  11. I have to admit I have always loved flea markets, antiques shops and even second hand stores, but recent bed bug scares have stopped me cold.

    Great images Elizabeth!

  12. I like her too :)

    the toasters are beautiful

    I'm not much into flea markets
    I prefer craft and art fairs where the artist is there and you can see their creations

  13. I LOVE flea markets! Great pictures! I have friends that don't care for them either, to each his own. Looks like some great stuff there!

  14. I love the silver toaster as a toast fan .. thanks Elisabeth .. wonderfull fots .. sometin
    me the colours fit .. bar and women .. or the bayby in the car and at the wall .. momentfotos .. :))

  15. I agree those toasters are little works of art. You sure do find some interesting things walking around NYC!

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