Monday, October 29, 2012

London Flowers and West Square

Sitting round in New York waiting for Hurricane Sandy so looking at more cheery pictures... 

Berwick Street

outside a pub

outside Liberty's

If I were to live in London again, I have my eye on West Square near The Imperial War  Museum once lived in, variousl, by Charlie Chaplin and the inventor of the Periodic Table.....

A real square with well tended gardens in the middle

benches and old trees

a friend goes with me

and is enchanted too

I decide that this corner house may well be for add to my list of fantasy residences.
For lovely photos of one of my days in London go to Karen's Pas Grand Chose.

Let's hope the storm isn't as bad as predicted.


  1. If you can't go anywhere in NY today, why not visit London again!

    Watching news/weather reports from over here (UK)- hope things aren't too terrible over there!

  2. That's my hope too Elizabeth -
    that the storm passes us over.

  3. Gosh I love the flowers outside Liberty. Such a gorgeous display, always.
    Thinking of you and all my friends in NYC this morning. Duck down and stay safe.

  4. Hello Elizabeth:
    Our thoughts are with you as the storm moves in. Hoping that you will stay safe and warm, these cheery images certainly warm the heart on this bleak day.

  5. Enchanted is a good word for those photos. Things like that make me want to visit your world. But I think I'll wait until after Sandy goes home...wherever THAT is. Stay dry. Best wishes.

  6. What beautiful photos. The flower displays are fabulous.
    I too have fantasy homes in places I have visited. In the cities it is usually a beautiful older building that I have turned into a studio.

    I keep thinking about you and my friend in Connecticut and hope your all safe.
    The Square Ones are hoping Buster has a good supply of chicken strips on hand.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Elizabeth, your photos definitely appeal to me. Thank you for the mini tour.

    Isn't this waiting around for Sandy a strange experience? I am beginning to get the feeling that it just might really be a big one. Full moon and all that....


  8. Just thinking how English the pub looked when I realised you were still in England! Like the corner house too as the curve makes it so different.


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