Monday, October 29, 2012

Stories from Stormville:Part One

Well, so far, happily, nothing to report.

Regardless of the weather the dog has to be walked.

In the early morning there are few people about.

At about 11 we set out for Chelsea Piers to look at the Hudson

which was very full of water and churning about and all choppy.

Quite a lot of people there taking photos (of course).

The dog was somewhat bemused.

So we walked home and took a nap. A very odd day with everything shut: schools, offices, subways, buses etc etc. If you didn't look at television, you would think --just another damp day. A good chance to catch up on reading and organizing. Then I start wondering if we have enough food and start mentally planning meals. Then I wonder what it would be like to be in a siege....and so on and so on. I realize how absurdly spoiled we are in New York to rely on water and electricity and anything we could possibly want whenever we want it -- when quite a lot of the inhabitants of the globe don't.

2:30 pm from the window.


  1. Keep safe and warm, hopefully it wont get any worse.

    Make the most of cosying up at home!


  2. We are near Toronto and they anticipate we will have high winds and 3 inches of rain.
    We were in NYC in June and the Hudson wasn't that high!!

    Stay safe and dry!

  3. I sent my email before I read your blog and my first thought was - "What are you doing? Get Buster away from the edge!"

    1,000 miles wide - just can't comprehend what is potentially on its way!

    Stock up (if it's not already too late!) - and stay in!!

  4. It does look cold and damp...
    I miss days like this, not the Sandy Hurricane type of rainy days, where it is raining and inside your nice and warm. It is good for doing quiet things like catching up and chores.
    Hopefully you will just get the rain and not any damage.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Becoming a ghost town. Thanks for the update.

  6. so true what we are lucky enough to call worries!
    lovely shots-I love the dark figures against the grey Hudson view & this last shot of a road winding through the city.

  7. appreciate the update Elizabeth and here's praying Part 2 will be unremarkable. Buster has that look that it's business as usual!
    Thanks for the wonderful 'as it happens' walk-about photos.
    It is a worry in times of natural disasters though, how totally reliant most communities and cities are on electricity.
    Stay safe!

  8. Stay safe - we are thinking of you!!!

  9. I hope you will be ok in the storm... stay safe and cosy x

  10. Time to batten down the hatches and lower the sails. Take care and stay safe, Elizabeth.

  11. Elizabeth, your morning of the coming storm coverage is excellent. I am so glad to be indoors now that Sandy's finally come to town.

    Sounds as if the floods hit the subway system, and so commuting might be a bit of a challenge in the days to come. are a very fine rider of the storm.


  12. Thank you for sharing how things are there...hope all will stay well for you.

  13. Glad you're okay. Buster looks so cute.

  14. please keep safe...l lived through hurricanes when living in Bahamas..just have food and water and use the time to read books, make art etc without feeling guilltyX Ha!lynda

  15. I've been thinking about you a lot E and hoping you are all okay. I imagine you may have lost power but know that once you are on again you'll keep us up to date. x

  16. You look high enough up to keep dry, not sure about when walking the dog.

  17. Hopefully still okay? Stay safe, greetings!

  18. 2:30 from the window is a very interesting shot with the illusion of the street bending up and away from the ground. At least that is what it looks like from here. Pouring rain here as well, walking Dexter- he feels insulted being so soaking rained upon.

  19. Glad you are ok Elizabeth and stay safe.

  20. Wonderful shots! Hope you are ok. The footage out of NYC looks awful. We lost power last night, but only for 6 hours.

  21. I'm so glad you are all okay! It is so unbeleiveable to think of New York without power and water! I hope everything is up and running again really soon, you have a great attitude about it all : )


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