Friday, October 5, 2012


They are always filming Law and Order round here.

The other day on the way to the dog run I saw a snack table set up. I always wander past looking hopeful. Anyway, we got chatting about the dog. Later on someone said, "That was IceT..." He was very nice. Needless to say, I did not know who he was.

Food is endlessly interesting. Here a new snack bar under the High Line.

They make pizza too.

Dickson's in Chelsea Market.

This morning the light was astoundingly clear and bright.

So I took a lot of photos of random people wandering about. (The poor dog has got quite used to stop- and-start walks.)

22nd Street

more 22nd Street

Then on the way home from the park. (Buster's friend Charlotte).
Theses last two photos nothing to do with anything......

On the way to Queens on Tuesday night.
And splendid graffiti from the Meatpacking District.


  1. Nice pix - love them all.
    we have very bad weather here; not that I mind....Gizmo and I got totally soaked today during our walkie.
    I always watch Law and Order, specially because I see lots of NY :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Such a great wander with the pooch, love the papered wall and everything else for that matter! Thanks for the stroll. Ice T...what look like delicious plump plums!

  3. Eclectic collection, hard to chose a favourite.
    Sheer serendipity that he lady walking by Chelsea restaurant was wearing a colour coordinated outfit and great skill how you caught her just in time.

  4. Woohoo! Television stars. Never see anything like that here. Maybe I should be glad. Love all the photos, especially the people and the pizza and the box with the sullen quote. Buster is my hero.

  5. I loved this Elizabeth - I am putting in an official request for a once a week 'random-shot-during-our-walk' post. Being a country girl, I'd find it awfully exciting seeing film shooting and I'd definitely be as fat as a house sampling every Pizza joint in NYC (and every other eating establishment)
    Love all the natural people shots too.
    Terrific walk-about, more please.

  6. Elizabeth, this is a post that really champions all that we might see just walking or riding About New York.

    This city really is endlessly fascinating, and it's good to have the energy to appreciate its gifts.


  7. I love these street photographs!
    Chelsea is a nice square!
    I also don't know who Ice T is...
    Is he an actor or a rapper?
    Have a good weekend!

  8. Loving all your photos! It all brings back so many lovely memories of our trips to New York which hopefully we wont be long before we return. My husband and I both comment everytime we visit how it is like walking around in a big film set, thats because it is more or less isnt it?X

  9. I enjoyed a peek into your city again and loved the sullen quote.

  10. Thanks for your accurate snapshots of your doggie walk in NY. I was within touching distance of your great city only last month but never got to set foot in it, unfortunately!

    Nice to see the famous Ice T (who?) gets the star treatment (not) with table coverings that would never adorn any of my lowly craft tables, but then I don't normally display my tables from the back! (Was that a bitchie comment? Sorry, was thinking out loud I'm afraid!)

  11. Absolutely love your photographs.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Random shots add such flavor to a post. I relax and enjoy seeing what you saw as you went about your day.

  13. Ice-T and his wife Coco (who seems to be very nice, as well, have a dog who they love very much called Spartacus. He's a bulldog. I bet Spartacus and Buster would get a long very well. ;-)

  14. I thought that was a familiar face...I've seen him on TV, though I rarely watch the show he is on. Didn't know that was his name however.

    You are so right about is endlessly interesting!

  15. Portable Pizza!! people on their phones everywhere!!


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