Saturday, June 27, 2015

Contrasts and Summer Reading

I'm neglecting this blog in favor of another one - which I'm not posting on either...
 The impetus to blog waning in favor of instagram which is so immediate and fun. I'm biffwix for anyone who's interested.

But in New York news... the first proper beach outing of the year to Robert Moses on the south shore of Long Island. Rather a contrast to the city.

Overcast day, chilly water - blissful space.

A striped bass was caught - not by us - and was thrown back for being four inches too short. Hooray!

Beach wonderful.

Times Square not so wonderful.....

Lots of construction, Fox News on monitor. Cheery traffic person...Everything bright, shiny, tawdry...

and seemingly stripy. 
I continued up West 44 th Street through the theater district.

This serious, calm fellow was in

the hallway of the New York Bar Association. Very old school New York - ornate, heavy, built to last, frumpy, frowsy and so very much more to my taste than tacky Times Square.

Nearer home a slight disaster with one of our tree pits... an unfortunate U-turn by a truck.

 The flowers on the terrace are doing fine.

On the theme of contrasts, I've been lucky enough to live in all sorts of places - some of which I enjoyed more than others- and of course, I've written about most of them.
 I loved living in Morocco - would go back there in a flash if it wasn't for the grandchildren - so spent part of last cold winter uploading my notes from those days into a very small book The Little House on Derb Djedid available on Amazon or Kindle.

Rather a lot about cats and food... and what an adventure it was.

The very first place I lived in America - a very long time ago - was Los Angeles. I found California overwhelming and bizarre - and interesting. My little LA memoir is available here

So, if you need any light reading for the beach, both books are available in paperback or for Kindle.
Happy reading!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Glamorous New York - East Side

A very overdue visit to the Metropolitan Museum on East 84th Street to see their stunning Chinese fashion show.

A multi-media extravaganza to dazzle both the eye and the ear. Totally worth going to - probably more than once. Lots to think about.

Lots of takes on the idea of 'chinoiserie'.

Lots of visitors from all over the world

enchanted by the movies projected on the walls. The Last Emperor never looked so good.

A brief look in at the serenity of the New York Society Library where I long to become a member to relish its old world charm. It was opened in 1754. Gosh! But how often would I get to E 79th Street?

The glories of Grand Central Station - why are there so few people about?

We have a drink at The Campbell Apartment East 42nd St.

and eat very green pea soup at JoJo. (East 64th Street).
Need to get to the East Side more often.

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