Saturday, June 27, 2015

Contrasts and Summer Reading

I'm neglecting this blog in favor of another one - which I'm not posting on either...
 The impetus to blog waning in favor of instagram which is so immediate and fun. I'm biffwix for anyone who's interested.

But in New York news... the first proper beach outing of the year to Robert Moses on the south shore of Long Island. Rather a contrast to the city.

Overcast day, chilly water - blissful space.

A striped bass was caught - not by us - and was thrown back for being four inches too short. Hooray!

Beach wonderful.

Times Square not so wonderful.....

Lots of construction, Fox News on monitor. Cheery traffic person...Everything bright, shiny, tawdry...

and seemingly stripy. 
I continued up West 44 th Street through the theater district.

This serious, calm fellow was in

the hallway of the New York Bar Association. Very old school New York - ornate, heavy, built to last, frumpy, frowsy and so very much more to my taste than tacky Times Square.

Nearer home a slight disaster with one of our tree pits... an unfortunate U-turn by a truck.

 The flowers on the terrace are doing fine.

On the theme of contrasts, I've been lucky enough to live in all sorts of places - some of which I enjoyed more than others- and of course, I've written about most of them.
 I loved living in Morocco - would go back there in a flash if it wasn't for the grandchildren - so spent part of last cold winter uploading my notes from those days into a very small book The Little House on Derb Djedid available on Amazon or Kindle.

Rather a lot about cats and food... and what an adventure it was.

The very first place I lived in America - a very long time ago - was Los Angeles. I found California overwhelming and bizarre - and interesting. My little LA memoir is available here

So, if you need any light reading for the beach, both books are available in paperback or for Kindle.
Happy reading!


  1. What fabulous pictures. I particularly like the calm serious fellow. And I am definitely going to read your Morocco book. I have never been but find the idea of the place very attractive!

    1. Morocco is wonderful. Do hope you get there!

  2. Oh, another blogger lost to instagram. I have refused to do any other social media because I don't want to spend all my time on the computer. Pinterest, Facebook, instagram and on. I hear so many talk of instagram, I might just have to take a peek.


    1. Sadly, I do spend too much time on the computer! Instagram is sort of like sending post cards!

  3. Beautiful photos today !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Oh, Elizabeth, your photographs of the Long Island shore and the manufactured excitement of Times Square present a perfect contrast. I'd choose the beach in a "New York minute," if the choice were mine.

    Isn't it wonderfully bizarre to find another contrast given by the Bar building. Yes, establishment at its most symbolic.

    I am so sorry that some motor vehicle tried to break and enter into your beautiful curbside garden. Yes, the curbside is broken, but your garden survived and looks lovely as the end of June nears.

    AND, having read both your books about L.A. and Marrakech, I recommend them very highly. I am not sure that readers will want to move ot LA without a time machine, but am pretty sure that they'll wish to experience Morocco as you did, and they might still.


    1. You are so kind, Frances!
      Yes, the tree pit garden staggers on - and is enjoying the rain.
      Hoping to see you soon.
      Buster sends greetings.

  5. I do need some reading matter so will be looking them up.

  6. Shall send for these and let you know how I enjoy them!

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  8. I enjoyed your post a lot, Elizabeth. I was recently in New York taking a seminar at NYU I found lots of places to sit and write outside. I took photographs and posted them on Instagram ha ha! I walked around so much and enjoyed the city. Times Square does look like Las Vegas! I love the memoir genre and these look like great reads!


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