Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Russian Tearoom

My birthday was last month but I'm quite happy to celebrate it indefinitely.

Most recent stop - on a bitterly cold (almost Russian?) Tuesday - was legendary Russian TeaRoom which was founded in 1927 by members of the Russian Ballet.

The decor is warm:  red and gold and green - almost over the top with red Christmas tree balls and bright samovars.

Champagne and caviar with tea? Of course!

Not sure what you are meant to do with the cherries... smoked salmon sandwiches (the caviar eaten already). The waiters wear retro costumes

A birthday? Well, of course

and cakes and more champagne.

On the walls all sorts of Russian art

and for sale rather elaborate nesting dolls.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Subway musicians

 with a good line of patter: "Don't be like Congress - pass a bill!" So I did.

Saturday afternoon in Soho - snowing again.

Sunday morning intersection...

I feel really sorry for the bicycle delivery men (oddly, there don't seem to be delivery women).  A cold job and a dangerous one too.

The trees are pretty with a light coating of ice.

Back indoors...

I look for blue things

and fruit

and more blue things...

Tomorrow the high temperature will be 22F

Friday, February 20, 2015

Losing Interest Rapidly...

This morning it was 1F with a windchill factor of minus 15...

People trudge around looking miserable.

A dull picture of cars in the snow...

Last weeks flowers are falling apart.

Some blue berries...

What it looked like at four in the morning the other day...

and while walking the dog.

Bicycles huddle together for warmth...

Better to bundle up and go incognito.

Going hatless is rather silly.

On Long Island it looks rather picturesque

and bitterly sunny.

No possibility of playing outside...

So a collaborative rendering of New York City with a man who went down a ladder and discovered all sorts of junk under The Empire State Building... and the Lego store on a day when it was raining.

Back home the Trader Joe's lavender has the beginnings of flowers

but the dog has given up in despair...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and Fed Up with the Weather...

Definitely need flowers...

the first anemones I've bought this year.

A very good season for reading - a lot.

The weather is still beastly and a snow storm is expected tomorrow night - and as for the poor people who live in Boston - they expect a blizzard. Currently it's -3'C - . This picture was taken yesterday through the grubby roof window of a taxi.... heading towards...

Eric Kayser - purveyor of little hearts to dream on...

and huge ones.

The dog has retreated to his bed with the pelts of his bunny and lobster.

I'm so bored I've started playing with my food. Here  a bearded pecan cookie with lettuce hair designed by me.

This pecan cookie designed by Margaret Trombly is more cheerful and elegant. When not playing with food with me, Margaret gives talks on art at The Met...

Friday, February 6, 2015

February and Cheerful Things

Valentine's Day approaches and Berch decorates the windows of the diner.

Ah! Pink hearts and roses!

At Bergamot there are lots of cakes...

...while outside the streets are vile.

Howard Johnson in Jamaica tries to be jolly and pink

and their lights reflect on the trains.

Scarlet tulips high above the snow at a friend's apartment

and Heidi Elizabeth brings joy to our family.