Saturday, October 29, 2016

New York Fall Round Up and Almost Halloween

The artist Berch has decorated windows in Chelsea for years.

These are a few of this year's Halloween selection at the RailLine Diner.

Speaking of diners -which I love - one of my favorites is called EAT HERE NOW.

An excellent suggestion - so I did. A splendidly unhealthy lunch - but how delicious!

The diner is in the east 60's on Lexington Avenue and is slightly below street level so you see all the traffic zooming by. The waitress is from the Ukraine but looks like someone Manet painted long ago.

I do love public transportation. But you do need to be patient.

You need to be even more patient on the bus - but you do get to meet  people. This is a very chatty woman who took me for a tourist. She hoped I had a nice visit in New York and said New York people were friendly even if they didn't seem like it at first. She is the only person in the city I have seen sporting a Trump button. I did not discuss politics.

Then on to Union Square where there were.....

squash and pumpkins

 and astounding pumpkins

Here is a horse near Union Square who was having a snack.

Here is a very small cauliflower sitting for its portrait on a plate I bought in Italy in 1971.