Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things to Do in New York When the Weather is Really Bad

Today it's snowing again. This has been a very long, cold, dreary winter season - so far - and there's lots of it left to come...

Best thing in the last couple of weeks: hot chocolate at the Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie 

where I envied the chic up-do of the young woman in pink

and fantasied about moving in - or at least having some swanky party there.

Then there's the Metropolitan Museum of Art

which is utterly overwhelming, dwarfs one entirely

and is splendid for people watching

and spying on them from above.

Another possibility is to go statue gawping

this is Diana who used to live above Madison Square Park, but is now all newly-gilded at the Met.

This is from the memorial to Theodore Roosevelt outside The Museum of Natural History

I think Miss Snooty is something to do with writing to music

her calmer sister is definitely painting.

the First World War

someone terribly important (and over-gilded)

and chilliest of all a memorial to The Maine.

Got to dash to Macy's - which is at least warm. Will annotate the statues later!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Snow.....

Almost too boring to write about...

but fun to take photos of.

up on the roof

and looking down.

an afternoon foray with the dog.

night scenes


a very deserted 8th Avenue

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Weather Related - This Misty Morning

We do get all sorts of weather in New York - blizzards, hurricanes, heat waves etc etc. What we rarely get is mist or fog.

Lo and behold, this morning (5th anniversary of the very thrilling plane crash/rescue on the Hudson) there was a mist hovering over the Hudson with the sun fighting to get through. Here from the dog run...

then walking home - and no, there isn't a sepia filter or anything - just what the phone saw.

So I went up to the roof where things were bright and looked toward the river. It reminded me of when I was at school in the midlands of England and looked west from the Malvern Hills over the valley of Bredon. Then I  walked down to Chelsea Piers

where I saw a boat.

from the gym I saw a tower in Jersey

and the golf cages swathed in mist.

More Hudson River with New Jersey in the background.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weather Related

So we had a snowstorm the other day but it was not 'snowmageddon' as we secretly hoped.

I kept getting up during the night hoping for a blizzard. These are pictures taken out of our window...

and our friends' window.

The dog really liked it  - except the putting the blue rubber balloon booties on. There is so much chemical snow melt thrown down it makes the dogs wince and cry.

Lots of children on Friday afternoon by Pinwheel Park.

This is a shot from 4am.

Out walking on Friday - such sad discarded trees.

Yesterday (Monday) lots of birds gathered in a tree. (Shot through a very grubby Long Island Railroad train window in Huntington.) 

Queens  - also through the train window.

And today (Tuesday) it is 0' F with a windchill factor of who knows what. Result of "Polar Vortex" or something. It so much colder in other places that one scarcely likes to complain....
Keep warm!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve 5th Avenue

Such a different part of town than our usual Chelsea.

At eight o'clock lots of people wandering around
looking at the shop windows

and the hot dog stands and the people selling light-up glasses

Fire Department people heading to Central Park

and the mounted police out in force.

We look down on 5th Avenue

and down 56th Street.
Tomorrow we expect a snow storm.

Here's hoping 2014 is wonderful.