Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weather Related

So we had a snowstorm the other day but it was not 'snowmageddon' as we secretly hoped.

I kept getting up during the night hoping for a blizzard. These are pictures taken out of our window...

and our friends' window.

The dog really liked it  - except the putting the blue rubber balloon booties on. There is so much chemical snow melt thrown down it makes the dogs wince and cry.

Lots of children on Friday afternoon by Pinwheel Park.

This is a shot from 4am.

Out walking on Friday - such sad discarded trees.

Yesterday (Monday) lots of birds gathered in a tree. (Shot through a very grubby Long Island Railroad train window in Huntington.) 

Queens  - also through the train window.

And today (Tuesday) it is 0' F with a windchill factor of who knows what. Result of "Polar Vortex" or something. It so much colder in other places that one scarcely likes to complain....
Keep warm!


  1. Elizabeth! what marvellous creative images! Your arctic blast is quite something - a winter wonderland! I was excited to see B. has his snow boots on.
    Stay warm and hoping you dodge the dreaded jury duty. :)
    I'm cooler already having drooled over your images - it's not even 7am here and ready for the air-con to go on 'cold'.

  2. I am also being blown hither and thither by the artic blast. Forget it I am staying in drinking hot chocolate and listening to the radio I don't need a frostbitten nose!

  3. Does not look anything like as bad as we are seeing on TV right now!

  4. Elizabeth, I am finding this polar vortex business really an impediment to venturing outdoors as much I would like.

    Lots of layers are mandatory!

    Hoping that tomorrow's 25 degree forecast comes true, and feels like tropical heat.


  5. The last picture is just so special. A feeling of timelessness.

  6. Lovely images - hope you are keeping warm!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Overhere its surprisingly more Springlike!!!!! Really!
    The birds sing and my roses thrive.
    Probably winter will arrive here next week, too?!!

  8. I hope the snow remains there with you and that the only snow we get here is in your photographs - which tell us enough to know we don't want it, thank you. Lovely photographs though.

  9. I love PHOTOS of snow, just not the real thing. Sending warmth and sunshine to you from the WARM coast.

  10. What wonderful photos.
    I know Buster doesn't like them but he looks so cute with his blue booties.
    We missed the cold weather but are hoping for our winter rains. We need them !

    cheers, parsnip

  11. So glad the snow is melted. :-)

  12. What were you doing up at 4.00am??? Great shot though! Keep warm!

  13. oh I love New York feel homesick despite the snow....London is littered with trees too like a fallen forest after the festivities!!

  14. The children are certainly loving it. It's nice while it is white and pristine.


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