Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Weather Related - This Misty Morning

We do get all sorts of weather in New York - blizzards, hurricanes, heat waves etc etc. What we rarely get is mist or fog.

Lo and behold, this morning (5th anniversary of the very thrilling plane crash/rescue on the Hudson) there was a mist hovering over the Hudson with the sun fighting to get through. Here from the dog run...

then walking home - and no, there isn't a sepia filter or anything - just what the phone saw.

So I went up to the roof where things were bright and looked toward the river. It reminded me of when I was at school in the midlands of England and looked west from the Malvern Hills over the valley of Bredon. Then I  walked down to Chelsea Piers

where I saw a boat.

from the gym I saw a tower in Jersey

and the golf cages swathed in mist.

More Hudson River with New Jersey in the background.


  1. It certainly adds a wonderful 'feel' to the images Elizabeth! A lovely misty walk in NYC!

  2. Fog is one of those photographer's inspirations like low sunlight. Your "sepia street" is especially superb.

  3. Wow - hey're stunning Elizabeth and I realise I've never seen a misty photo of NY. The Sepia-ish one is so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful photographs! Thank you so much for sharing these view About New York, Elizabeth.

    It was grand seeing you all last Saturday. Looking forward to another get together soon.


  5. Absolutely beautiful photographs Elizabeth - fog or mist always adds such a touch of mystery doesn't it?

    I would never have guessed it was so long since the crash on the Hudson River - how time flies.

    Happy New Year to you.

  6. I like misty mornings. Makes me think of your book, "Jane in Winter".

  7. Oh Elizabeth, the photos ere wonderful but the first two are outstanding !

    When I lived in Laguna Beach I love the fog/misty mornings or evenings. I miss them.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Elizabeth, these photos are stunning! The photo "walking home" is just fantastic and mysterious!
    Love also the photo of the "roof loked toward the river."

    Have a nice weekend.
    Many hugs to you and to Buster too.

  9. Lovely shots, Elizabeth, my favorite perhaps that first shot of the plane tree....

  10. The second photo is real atmospheric.


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