Monday, October 12, 2015

A Round Up of Trivia on Columbus Day

First a photograph without a single leaf in it. Quintessentially New York - a  brilliant blue sky without a cloud in it. I think the grim looking buildings on the lower left are going to be either demolished (probably) or else refurbished. So much building going on all over the place - here on 7th Avenue. 

Seasonal thoughts... dahlia perfection

heirloom tomatoes looking picturesque

a winesap - with leaf...

moonflower pods on the roof

the beginning of berries.

The macaroon shop on 23rd Street is thinking about Halloween - the skeleton looking cadaverously chic.

We walked to the Ear Inn yesterday

one of my husband's favorite places. A man at the bar kept trying to make conversation with the taciturn bar man - kept asking if there were ghosts in the very old building. The barman finally said that there were odd things but did not elaborate. Was he just trying to please his customer? 

Anyway, the light was falling slantwise making the things on the tablecloth resemble things we painted in art school.

Monochrome and yet not monochrome - a puzzle to be solved.

On the way home we walked in St Luke's garden on Hudson Street and saw

a vast fall of Michaelmas daisies.

This last photo was taken in my friend Margaret's place - the very antithesis of the little jug picture above - and how nice to like both charming clutter and simplicity at the same time...