Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haunted Chelsea

All these photos were taken this morning on my early walk with the dog.

As befits an older part of the city, one feels there must be tales to be told. Here is the roof of the seminary where Clement Moore once worked.

Here is a little independent bookshop.

I turn down 21st St to discover that I'm being watched.

And the raven pecks at the skeleton's mouth.

The window is blank

the basement is dank.

Here is my favorite house, now sadly overgrown, waiting for me to trim back the bushes...

Here a big pumpkin swallows a little one.

Happy Halloween

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Veggies etc

Em was right, I really can't keep away....

Autumn is so stunningly abundant and thrilling. I think I must be very old to be thrilled by vegetation - but I am. So there. The top left of this collage is drying up beach vines on Long Island. The other pictures are from Union Square where the food addicts congregate.

A plethora of pumpkins and gourds - each prettier than the next.

For some reason the green leafy things reminded me of 'under the sea' and curling billows and froth...

Look at the savoy's wrinkles.

Look at the 'hats' on the eggplants - especially the black ones at the top.

Back to frothy and purple and green...

Pears have such a very satisfactory shape.

These poor, sad, speckly, funny unsprayed apples have lots of charm...

as do the Winesaps I bought home.

Urban fruits from roof garden. October....roses, lavender and dill.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters

I know this blog is officially finished...but yesterday's glorious weather prompted an excursion to the northernmost part of Manhattan. 
The pictures have an oddly fuzzy look since I managed to inadvertently turn the knob to some 'artsy' setting. However you will get the general effect...

Fort Tryon Park, high above the Hudson, has lovely herbaceous borders.

And masses of the autumn anemone-like plant whose name I have managed to mislay...

Not to mention hydrangeas.

At the Cloisters the salvia blazes,  the Thomas Tallis Motet soars in the background

and a few first yellow leaves fall.

This is the nearest thing to Europe on the island of Manhattan.