Sunday, December 2, 2018


Rather fun collecting little bits of dried up stuff from the ground

and my son's yard and photographing them

against an old cookie tray.

Some leaves are stubbornly hanging on to the trees.

Near Union Square Christmas lights entwine with last leaves.

A portrait of an apple

and a lemon too.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Not Spring Yet...

Much neglected blog....
Not too much to report.
Hideous weather
Hideous president

However, some charming snowdrops on Long Island

a wonderful Grant Wood show at The Whitney
best public exhibition I have been to in ages

even when he is at his most depressing.

On a cheerier note - a splendid exhibition of Lucy Dodd's work
at the David Lewis Gallery. I have known Lucy since before she was born. 

And then there are always the delights of food.
A pistachio eclair for Frances and a brioche for me.

On a wet day Eisenburg's Sandwich Shop

provides comfort food galore.
Toasted bagel and bacon.
Pickles and a BLT.

This morning there were bright ranunculi at Union Square.

Hurry up spring...

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter Continues...and What to Do to Combat it...

The groundhog has spoken.
Six more weeks of winter - and it's still bitter cold.

Madison Square Park is bright and chilly

But Eric Kayser serves hot tea and gives you a little tiny financier in your saucer.
Another day I repair to the flower district

and bathe in bright ranunculus 

and more ranunculus

and anemones

and weird begonias with swirls in them

and my very favorites - hellebores more charmingly referred to as Lenten Roses.

I go home and make sketches and start on a new tapestry design having stocked up on colored wools.
I'm reading Agnes Jeykll's Kitchen Essays from 1922 which summon up a lost world and have just finished Diana Holman-Hunt's delightfully batty memoir My Grandmothers and I from 1960.
Only six more weeks.....