Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last India Post

 A sort of round-up and mixture of things I will remember about India.
Needless to say, there are about a zillion more snaps which I won't bore you with.
We travelled about 2,000 miles,  so quite a lot of memories are to do with the road.
Here a family wait for the train to pass by.
Note how crisp and white the men's shirts are.

This is the bar of an enormous palace in Kota
 which was built in 1905 and designed by the fellow whose photo sits above the fireplace. 
Our bedroom had 20ft ceilings and was bigger than our whole apartment in New York. 
There were very few other guests though the food was wonderful. 
The billiard room was full of the heads of animals 
carelessly killed in the earlier part of the last century.

A petrol station and the Toyota we travelled round in. 

The upper fort in Jaipur -- above the Golden Fort. It dominates the hilltop.

Ramesh was particularly keen to see the fort which had the biggest gun in the world. 
Elephants would bring water from the lake to the left.

My memories will contain forts and palaces....

...but most of all people. Here families relax behind the Taj Mahal...

 ... or recline on the cool, white marble.

Yes, we did see the Taj Mahal and it was wonderful. 
See how it dwarfs the ant people in its majesty.

 I liked the quiet gaze of the little boy on the bus too.