Monday, March 30, 2009

A Visit to Tappan

What a sucker I am for garden centers. Bee wrote recently about the same passion.
Books and flowers -- can never have enough of them. At least it isn't crack.
Since we don't have a garden, we choose things for  our son and daughter in law's garden.
Here primulas. We also got snapdragons and cineraria.
Even the names are a delight.

Once old cars get really decrepit, they pass beyond the totally ugly stage
and morph into something approaching art. Well, maybe.

As we returned to the city down the Pallisades in the late afternoon
a curious thing happened. The roads, the woods, 
everything -- was swathed in  a thick, blanketing,
 all engulfing fog the like of which I haven't seen for many years. 

Magical and foggy and not really springlike at all.


  1. Hi darling E, Hmmmm....crack? flowers? crack? flowers? Tricky addiction tradeoffs.

  2. That misty fog is dreamy, Elizabeth...But looks more fall-like there, than spring, yes. Here winter still has its grip on snowed again on Friday! But love those primroses...there's a promise of spring. :o) That rusted-out car does have and artsy flair about it...the touch of aqua blue paint is a touching sign of it's former life. Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  3. No...the fog definitely looks autumnal. But the flowers definitely harken spring.

  4. this is magical and foggy and beautiful...and i'm a sucker for garden centers as well...

  5. well
    i thought you wrote--->

    Magical and froggy!


    i thought to myself,
    what could be More Spring~like
    Magical and froggy!

    you know me
    if it is pink and a flower
    i think you cannot go wrong.

    on my way to the beach
    where there is either winter
    or summer,
    nothing in between...

    {{ i so enjoy the photo
    of the old car.
    leslie's colors
    of copper and blue~ish~ness }}

  6. Some Pink:Yes, I was thinking of Leslie when I took the car picture. We were waiting for the bus at the time.

  7. First of all, your new header is just sensational!!

    And your old car pic is wonderful! I have a thing for great old crusty cars just like this one.

    I've been itching to get to the garden center, but I'm holding off for warmer temps.

  8. I'm dying to get to the garden centre but I've made myself promise to weed before I get anything new - and I'm just not in the zone to get that springtime back ache

  9. Elizabeth - some of my favourite words are flower names - honeysuckle, hellebore, love in a mist - that last one quite appropriate for your other photographs.

  10. Oh, those flowers are making me drool. Come on, spring!...

  11. I love driving on the Palisades Parkway .. fog is part of its charm this time of year ..

  12. Elizabeth,
    I am in awe of your new header image, brilliant! :-)

    Fog in March - incredible!

    Don't we love it when Spring
    keeps egging us on?

    I spent lunch hour waddling instead of walking in the woods, feeling like a duck because the water was literally shooting downhill. I had to turn around before my time was up, I was afraid I'd slip and fall (not for me so much, but for the camera *g*).

  13. Beautiful foggy woods! I love that, and the way the fog quiets everything till all you hear is the occasional gentle sound of drops, having been patiently gleaned from the mist by the bare twigs, falling to the forest floor below with a kind of music.

    Oh, and primulas! Now I know what those flowers are called. I've seen them around on my walks.

  14. Oh! the last two pics of fog blanketing the landscape give me a surreal feeling... magical and dreamy... the magic of colors in nature will soon begin!

  15. So lucky you had your camera to capture that fog. I love when one season 'intrudes' upon another and suddenly makes you feel like you've spun backwards or forwards through time. Something so mystical about a good fog.

  16. I love the new photo header ! And beautiful fog indeed.

  17. The flowers are so stunning and the fog changed the wood into a fairy tale forrest. Thanks for your visit!

  18. Your pictures are lovely! Snapdragons were the makings of my imaginary friends when I was a child. I still want to make them talk.

    Again, I really love your photos. I'm going to NY soon and can't wait to see the city again!

  19. Hi Elizabeth,
    After snow, fog is my next favourite weather condition I think-because as you say it is rare and it is mysterious.
    Pretty Primulas too.
    Sarah :)

  20. Fog? You mean life everyday here! Nothing special about it, cold damp, blinding- but mildew loves it!
    Your photos are always beautiful no matter the subject! LOVE the car.

  21. oh yes, the names are a delight. Misty misty pictures are beautiful Elizabeth, That car had to go, probably a gas guzzler.

  22. I love fog! And fog in the woods is the best.

    And I like gardens... especially when they are tended by someone else. I have a very black thumb.

  23. I do agree - books and flowers. And mysterious foggy days are wonderful exercise for the imagination.

  24. Ooh, very Stephen King! I love the colour in the primulas. I have seen old cars adapted with some effect (at garden shows) to hold plants. x


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