Thursday, March 26, 2009

London Details

We ate a lot of salad in London, since we had been too nervous to eat it in India.
The vegetables there were wonderful, but we only ate them cooked.

In London, a brisk wind batted the clouds through a blue sky.
(Tottenhan Court Road opposite M&S.)

A white on white window near Great Ormond Street.
I was walking to the Persephone Bookshop on Lamb's Conduit Street
where I bought four books, even though I'm rather fierce about carrying heavy luggage.
I particularly recommend Tea with Mr.Rochester by Frances Towers.
If you don't know Persephone Books, go there now.

What a door! Window frame, railings, fanlight, side alley.
The very apotheosis of door-ness.

This doorway with primroses and black plastic bin-bag looks as if someone lives there.


  1. I love a spectacular entrance. I want the door with the fanlight, but it would look really silly on our log cabin.

  2. oops, I deleted my previous comment because of misspellings. Here we go again. How very London. Love the salad in action photo; live food! ;~)

  3. Oh now you have me wanting to go to London ...

  4. I want that blue door. Oh, now I'm homesick!

  5. Oh, I love that quote you've chosen by E.Forster - "Only connect" true, so true.

    Your salads look delish. I love all these photos and I clicked the last one to see what those little squares in the sidewalk in front of the house are---water and gas! Interesting to have them right at the front entrance like that.

  6. your greens look delish & I love the grand doorway. It makes me want to see what's behind it.

  7. I just love to wander the streets in London, just admiring the doors!!

  8. Oh, this is tooooo weird!! I have a vintage copy of "Tea with Mr. Rochester" right here on my desk, as we speak. I bought it online from Persephone Bookshop!!!!! (haven't read it yet)

  9. Salad looks delicious :) Are you still in the UK?

  10. I love these pictures of the little details of London that make it seem instantly more familiar, even though I haven't been there (yet).

  11. the white on white window is just wonderful!

  12. Oh you've been so close! I work in the Senate House, Russell Square, and I know Lamb's Conduit Street so well... and yes, I have been to Persephone Bookshop and I bought three books. But I'll go there again.

    You've inspired me to take photos of Bloomsbury doorways. I love London. Thanks!

  13. They really knew how to make the houses grand in London, didn't they? That "apotheosis" is spectacular. Lovely shots. Always a treat to visit with you.


  14. The second last photo...what a door indeed! A very grand entrance! And that salad looks very tasty. Mmmmm!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  15. Persaphone is on my to do list before I leave... That and the London Eye! Your salad makes me hungry.


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