Monday, March 23, 2009

More Animals and Birds/India

Dogs are everywhere.

As are monkeys.

The first elephant  we saw was a hardworking character.

The second more decorative.

The third wore a splendid pink robe.

 Lots of decorative fowl near Pushkar.

Including a splendid rooster.

The only tiger I saw lived in a glass case and had a very chewed up ear.
Real ones live in a nature preserve nearer Delhi.

This character made the mistake of sleeping under a car. 
His lower teeth are in quite  the wrong place. 
Despite this, he manages to charm people with his yellow
 eyes and looks quite well fed.
Hint: he likes brioche.

A camel vying with the traffic.

A decorated bullock cart ready to take us for a ride.


  1. It's a wonder Ringling hasn't picked up on the wonderful elephant decoration!

  2. The Monkeys are so like little bearded men. I love the elephant with make-up. The light in your photos is beautiful. I am glad that tiger is stuffed as he looks scary!

  3. Were those monkeys just hanging about? They are quite beautiful, really. I also like the visual interest of the picture of the chickens and other fowl.

    The light makes everything look so clean and bright, but I keep wondering if there is an underlying stench?

  4. Lots of animals ... lots of smell?

  5. Squirrels, Deer, Bunnies,Chipmunks and Birds is the wildlife we see here in Southern NJ...quite tame in comparison. Come to thin of it, most of the animals you showed are domesticated, albeit exotic :)
    You photos and subjects are wonderful.

  6. Love the peacock among the chickens and roosters! India is so full of life.

  7. Hi Elizabeth!

    India is so exotic and fascinating. Blogtrotter also had many photos of Indian temples recently that were magnificent.

  8. What a fascinating trip this must have been. I'm really enjoying viewing it through your photographs.


  9. I came to smell New york 'sperfume and...surprise! A beautiful surprise and journey , I'm travelling throw rhe world with my coffe and my computer, thank you and happy time, Elizabeth!

  10. Number 6 with hens and peacock is stunning, I love that red on animals and things!Strange and beautiful!

  11. I just love animals, so your posts with creatures of all sorts has been a special treat, Elizabeth! That dog at the top tugs at my heartstrings...I want to take him home--LOL! The bright quality of the light there is amazing...Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  12. Overwhelmed again- I go back to your posts many times just to get the feel of where you have been, the colours, everything. What an ambitious exquisite trip!
    The animals - so photogenic, so healthy looking, except for the tiger in glass...

  13. I know the animals would win my heart! Did they remind you of the cats of Marrakesh?


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