Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After India , London was cool and subdued. 
Here the Gerhardt Richter show at The national Portrait Gallery.

Much tea was needed to counteract jet-lag.

And steak and kidney pie in a pub.
They had done too-clever-by-half things with the window
 through which you can see Nelson wavering on top of his column
and an old fashioned phone box.

Because it is spring people are determined to drink outside pubs
even though it's pretty chilly.

Pale daffodils (99 pence) from Marks and Spencer's.


  1. Well, back to something familiar! I really do need to try the Steak and Kidney pie before I leave England. And yes, I love how the British are determined to enjoy the sunshine even though it is much too cold outside. I must admit I've done that a time or two!

  2. Lovely! I have so enjoyed your travelogue and pictures, especially as my mum and her mister were in India recently. I sent them the link to your blog and keep telling my mum she should write a travelblog.

    She is British too, from Ealing and then Wales growing up...I named my Cornish Rex cattery Furry Dance after the Helston Flora (Furry) Dance

  3. The simple neutrals and lines in these photos are so wonderful. Yes, cool and calming. I love the creamy dinnerware in the pub! Nice post.

  4. Now this is the English spring I remember well. I so enjoyed following your trip through India and have been impressed by your ability to keep blogging and snapping away no matter where you are. I'm glad you have some time in England as transition time. NYC can be a shock. Welcome home.

  5. Good to see you back in London and familiar sites - I still pine for steak and kidney pudding, these days made with Atora suet which I sometimes receive from kindly relatives! Your trip to, and comments about India were refreshing, in contrast to what we see and hear through the media here. Thank you for showing a fascinating, colourful, journey - not boring at all should you decide to publish more in another format!

  6. Lovely daffs and people sitting outdoors even bundled up reinforces spring is here ..

  7. Your narrative and photographs of India have been such a delight, Elizabeth. I keep coming back here to gaze at them again and again. Someday soon I hope to follow in your tracks - India beckons more than ever now.

    Dear London, cool and grey with the odd splash of colour here and there. A pleasant city - particularly in the summer. I love the museums and bookshops and my daughter's apartment (mainly because she is in it and it is filled with Africa!)

  8. I love pale daffodils Elizabeth - I try to have a lot of them in my garden - I think it is easy to get a surfeit of bright yellow in a Spring garden - they are much more understated and I love them for it.

  9. My this had to be quite an adjustment for one's senses!
    Extraordinary daffodils.

  10. India, such a contrast- London subdued indeed- and there can never be enough tea for jet lag or any other reason. I usually carry loads with me just in case...Your Indian posts were SO emensely rich, I have them bookmarked as favorites just so that I can slow them down a bit at intervals. London always feels like "whew, home again."

  11. quite a departure from India - loved the pic of the tea service and the outside cafe shot -

  12. London is incredible isn't it? Interesting and always full of life! Thanks for sharing.Thanks also for your comment, which I answered on my blog!

  13. love to be ..just when i have plenty to do ..its good to see how nice the world is

    i although like the new widget

  14. Love just wandering around Marks and Spencers until someone gives me daffodils! Wish I was there.

  15. Your daffodil (lovely pale creaminess) pic is wonderful, E. I've taken so many bad daff pictures this spring. It's so hard to capture their beauty!

    I really like the scene through the coloured glass window, too. (And as usual, your commentary amused me greatly!)

  16. When we returned to England after a very colourful and steamy New Orleans some years ago I used the same phrase.....'pale and subdued'. But VERY refreshing.

  17. Yes, the colors are much more subdued in London. All greys, and whites and blacks. Mostly-- but I love the windows!

  18. Aaah-homeward bound! I have loved travelling with you around India. you have shown your trip in such a beautiful way. Like your views here too.

  19. The National Portrait Gallery - I've never been there, but it is high up on my list of places I want to go next time I go to London.

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