Friday, March 20, 2009


The legacy of the British in India is evident almost everywhere. No more so than in Jaipur where the big museum -- the Albert Hall -- has portraits of Queen Victoria and her son Edward VII and an antique turnstile made in London. 

It also has this pig god who looks pretty cheerful.

In the billiard room at Kota, tigers roar for ever.

And this lioness looks a little moth-eaten and sad.

When there has been wedding in the family, the wall is decorated with Lord Ganesha.
 Note the little mouse who has been invited to the feast.

The photos got muddled in this post. 
This is a painting from the museum in Jaipur. 
These people look very calm --a lot calmer than I'd be if I was being swallowed by a monstrous fish. 

A coat of arms from the same museum. Note the lion's luxuriant mustache. He must be an Indian lion. I like the elephant and particularly Indian cow.

A warrior in the museum in Jaipur. Dioramas are very popular.

This fine fellow is seated in a room full of men each of whom has his his own little table. 
The women ate in another room.  From the fort at Jaipur.

This metal decoration was part of the window of the diorama above.


  1. Very good pictures of my India

  2. I especially like the "people in the mouth of the fish" painting! So extraordinary and lovely!!

  3. Was that a rhino next to the tiger heads?

    Fabulous photos .. enviable trip!

  4. The pictures continue to enchant me, encouraging my inner traveler to go far, far away.

    A few years ago I was fortunate to meet a lady from Rajasthan who was a masterful embroiderer. Although we did not speak each other's official languages, it was just amazing how easy it was to communicate about the beauty of exquisite craftsmanship.

    She looked very much like the ladies pictures in your prior post. Thank you for reminding me of her!


  5. More intersting shots of India. We have inherited many of the British systems, education, judicial, driving on the left side haha..even a well known local clothing store called British India. Have a great weekend.

  6. I saw The Young Victoria on Wednesday night. It was surprisingly enjoyable, and it made me want to brush up on my Victorian history!

    Thanks for all of these charming photos. A nice change from the predictable daffs that fill up my camera.

  7. The people in the mouth of the fish is interesting elizabeth - wonder if it is based on the same myth as Jonah and the whale?

  8. Yes, WHY are these people happily walking into the mouth of this monstrous fish? I like that you notice and ponder over the little details, Elizabeth.

  9. The curiosities are certainly curious (and colourful and endearing too.)

  10. Fabulous pictures Elizabeth. I really do enjoy reading your blog.

    Btw I have just nominated you to receive the “When Life Gives You Lemons” blog award, on my Margotreehugger Blog.

  11. Thank you again Elizabeth for taking all of these photos and sharing them here! Truly interesting!!!!


  12. Fascinating. Tomorrow I'm going to stop by the Boucheron perfume counter at The Bay and smell "Jaipur" perfume with a new nose!


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