Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quiet New York

There is so much going on in New York
 and so many people rushing about  doing important things.
In the late afternoon Susanna and I reached the relative calm of
the beginning of the Central Park. 

These serene faux-medieval maidens haunt 53rd Street....

...looking very peaceful indeed.

Climbing a staircase at Moma -- 
where a gazillion people eagerly drink in art.

The models in Bergdorf Goodman's windows who
 inhabit a rarified world of elegance and butterflies.


  1. loved the staircase photo at moma and the first one of Central Park - very nice...

  2. I love that staircase photograph elizabeth. I took a photograph from our hotel window in Dallas last year, looking down on to an empty shopping mall (it was Sunday and the whole of Dallas was like a ghost town) - your photo reminded me of it - I think I shall post it on my blog one day. Nice to see you back in NY

  3. Hi Elizabeth, so you are back in New York. I really like those faux-medieval serene maidens! A little bit of serenity to be found in the busy city.

  4. So much to catch up on Elizabeth. I guess it must be helpful to go to India via London so you get to see your daughter twice.

    Enjoyed my trip around London with you and New York and lots to catch up on in India. You really do find some great shadows every time. Glad yu are back safe and well.

  5. Oh, it was hot dogs :)

    Never made it to Moma when we came to your lovely city - couldn't get out of the Met due to museum love

  6. It was great seeing you yesterday, Elizabeth! You have a terrific sense of humour. :)

  7. I recognized most of the places here. Been in NY last summer and both mum n daughter fall in love NY.

    So much feelings. Thanks for sharing that freshens up our memory. Lil daughter send her regards n ty for the pix.

    Have a happy Sunday!

  8. I'm sure that you and Susanna had a wonderful day. I'm so glad that you never tire of sharing your adventures - near and far - with us.


  9. ooooooo....

    ..looks like you two had a great time.
    I hope before summer gets here we can all meet up. I need a "New York Minute".

  10. Elizabeth, it looks like you and Susanna had a WONDERFUL day, I am so happy to get my NY fix here!!


  11. Lovely... I'll really miss NY this spring and summer

  12. Rarified indeed.

    I bet MOMA was a treat!

  13. Elizabeth -
    I love the Central Park one at the beginning. Trees and building with the statue just floating there suspended over the "fountain dish" - a haunting and serene stillness pervades....

  14. Thank you for the walk, wonderful! :-)

    Could those faux-medieval serene maidens be creatures from the turn of the 19th into the 20th century?


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