Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things of the Spirit

A thick trunked tree at the Jain Temple near Ranakpur.
We gave Ramesh our bags and shoes to hold and went in barefoot and devoid of possessions --except my camera....

A carving at the same place. Reminds me a little of a gargoyle from a Gothic cathedral.

The complexity and richness of the carved stone is astounding. (Ranakpur).

The exterior of the Hindu Temple at Udaipur.

A little shrine tended by a member of the 24th generation of a family on a hill in Udaipur.
Fresh flowers, oil and candles are placed there daily.

Serenity at the Jain Temple in Jaiselmer.

More of the same.

The dome in the temple above.

The tombs of important people outside Jaiselmer. The picnickers on the right were two families with newly weds. It is the wedding season. Note the attendant dogs waiting patiently. Close by the mausoleum there are wind turbines. In the mornings fighter jets fly above. This is about 40 km. from the border with Pakistan.

This last picture is from the first Hindu temple I ever went in in Mandawa. 
Raj, who was showing us round, rang a loud bell to let God know we were visiting.


  1. Oh Elizabeth, that marble, the carvings, the color...these are the kind of places that make you feel simultaneously small and cosmic. There are places that totally make us transcend our finite bodies. I think these fall in that category.

  2. Absolutely fantastic pictures. We have Indian temples here in every corner and I do mean, every corner. So far, I have only snapped pictures from outside...don't have the guts to in ..yet. I am longing to go there :D Big hugs for the week...

  3. Spirit seems everywhere in these photos...I find great solace and peace just looking at these images. The big questions often arise while traveling, I find...out of the safe cocoon of home everything thing feels larger, deep, all the why's following. But being in certain places, the questions can be answered, or a sense that all is well. It is amazing the lands of the mind we travel while traveling also. :o) Thank you for these beautiful images, Elizabeth. Happy Day ((HUGS))

  4. Yes, it would be good to have a bell rang to let the God know you were there. You'd come such a way and it would be a shame if he missed your visit. Love it!

  5. amazing .. what an experience!

  6. I love that tree's shapely trunk! & everything else!
    What an amazing journey you are on Elizabeth.

  7. I find the little colorful shrine very comical. The diety has such a look of surprise. Thank you so much for the photos. You do a wonderful job.

  8. I love the idea of that little shrine, Elizabeth, being tended by the same family for generations.
    I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful colour everywhere. People from India seem to have a love of the colourful, don't they? I have really enjoyed your photographic tour = but look forward to seeing NY again!

  9. the stone carving just blows me away!

  10. What a fabulous tree. The carving would look at home at Magdalen College. All those stone carvings are magnificent. I enjoyed your animal gallery in the post below. And the people shots – so much to look at!

  11. Lovely photos, Elizabeth.
    The dogs make me sad, and I hold Edward close.

  12. Getting caught up with all your stunning photographs..simply a trip of a life time.

  13. I have been ill. Therefore, I have missed your blog v. much. These photos are wonderful. Off to continue catching up. I didn't know you were in India!

  14. E -- I've just finished White Tiger, which dwells in and on the darkness in India. Your lovely light-filled images provide a nice contrast -- or counterbalance -- to that.

  15. Elizabeth, I can never see enough of your photos.

    Looking at these carved Indian stones makes me stop and think a bit. How many folks were involved in producing this beauty. I have thought similar thoughts when visiting very old places across the Atlantic.

    In the States, we are too new a nation to have anything worth such considerations. Or are we? Has this country always focused on the now? If anyone can suggests some American lasting worthies, please do.


  16. i am still loving
    the ~~Holy cow indeed!~~


  17. This is my third time back to look with wonder and amazement at these photographs. There is something so soothing and peaceful and spiritual about them that they call softly 'come again'.

  18. I have heard a good deal about the spirituality that infuses India. I wonder if I'll feel it if I ever get there?


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