Friday, March 6, 2009

No live Tigers

No strollers. Babies are either carried or walk on their own!
Very few tourists either but marvellous countryside and enchanting palaces which will be pictured at a later date. Lots of peacocks and colored glass and glass balls hanging from the ceilings and golden gods.

Yesterday I offered a garland of fragrant pink roses for a friend's mother in a Hindu temple in Udaipur.
There were a group of elderly ladies sitting cross-legged on the floor and singing the most lovely songs to the accompaniment of a drummer.
It was very peaceful.

I bought a miniature of an elephant family and a little drawing of a pink cow.
Today I bought a postcard of a dog drawn by a little boy who was thrilled with his big sale.

We are now in a real palace in Kota - it was designed by an Englishman who had been in Italy - so a complete melange of British, Italianate, and Indian.
Monkey families roam the grounds.
It reminds me a bit of English boarding schools to be honest.
The wiring is interesting and our bedroom ceiling about 28ft high.
Pictures soon - I promise.


  1. So glad you are having such a wonderful time - what super memories you will bring back with you.

  2. what an amazing trip you are having

  3. Sounds amazing, looking forward to pictures

  4. I was about to ask, have you encountered the bands of macaques yet? I've seen documentaries on their exploits and I'm sure they must be a sight to see - along with all the other fantastic people and places.


  5. I love your descriptions, but also can't wait for the photos!!

  6. It is going to be fun when the pictures finally arrive Elizabeth.
    The only guests at the hotel. That must have been a bit scarey.

  7. Peacocks, colored glass and roses: paradise!

  8. Oh Elizabeth, while reading your post, I feel as dizzy as you are with all the wonders of India. Again, I can't wait to see those fabulous pictures of yours as I am sure you have tons of them. Have a great weekend, much love, M

  9. I can't wait for the pictures. Your words leave us craving for more, more...

  10. Cool! Sounds like you both are having an amazing time. Are you writing and is R painting your adventures?

  11. So nice to read your impressions Elizabeth. Glad to read your posts here, Thank you!! India fascinates me very much. Indian objects surround me.
    The music sounds beautiful.
    Keep having a wonderful adventure!

    with love,

  12. For some reason can't make a post today.
    On animal front saw one more domeastic cat - that makes 2 in 2 weeks - a very poor showing.

    We are in Pushcar where lots of aged hippies come to throw flowers in a sacred lake.
    There are peacocks, guinea fowl, parrots, and lots of exotic chickens and roosters in the grounds.
    Still having lots of solitary dinners.
    Tonight's waiter was charming so we chatted to him most of the meal and heard his life story.
    He has 4 brothers and his father is a farmer who grows roses...
    Hope to visit all YOUR blogs when I hit the gold mine of wi-fi....
    love to all

  13. Your reporting skills are sublime, Elizabeth. I can picture all these situations you uncover.

    Glad that there is lots of pink about!

    Over here, we had another disappointment in the snowstorm stakes last weekend, and today it is over 70 degrees. Perhaps you will return to a true spring in NY.


  14. What a wonderful experience! Colour and Peace are the two things coming through to me.

  15. In a funny way, it's rather nice without the photos...The words make perfect pictures.

  16. What amazing adventures! Even giving your sandwich to the dogs. But especially giving the boy a reason to celebrate his sale.


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