Friday, March 13, 2009

Tuc-Tuc, Mandawa, India

Deities may well be able to travel in expensive automobiles as in this painting on a haveli near Mandawa. (Enlarge to see details).

Most of the rest of the population travels by tuc-tuc -- a three wheeled motor-bike/taxi. Almost all of them are elaborately and extravagantly decorated.

Or else there is the more utilitarian bus with room on the roof for extra passengers.

Another tuc-tuc near Mandawa.

And even another. Pink is a pretty popular color.


  1. the Tuc Tucs are extraordinary! the decorations are fabulous!

  2. How interesting, we are both posting about tuc tuc, or its called tuk tuk over here :D

  3. The Tuc Tucs are so wonderfully quirky! But I especially love the deities in the motorcar!!

    You must make a book of your fabulous photos when you return!

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I remember seeing these on "The Amazing Race". They look like quite a lot of fun. Did you ride in one?


  5. I like this theme .. a lot of ChittyChittyBangBang .. thats what the first photo made me think .. fabulous photos I know I have said this before but what an amazing adventure you are having AND sharing

  6. Deities traveling in an automobile..Wow! I have never come across a painting like that ever. Pretty cool photo-shots.

  7. OMG, gods in a car! Loving the pink tuc tuc.

  8. I have never understood, Elizabeth, how the people in India always look so clean when they live in such close proximity to each other and with so much squalor around. How do they keep their shirts so whitee?

  9. Yes, we did ride in a tuc tuc or tuk tuk - only quite a short journey.
    As regards keeping clean. Yes, the Indians do look very clean and neat and our laundry came back beautifully white and ironed.
    I'm not sure I could manage it,

  10. Oh wow, I stop visiting for a little while and I find you in the most far away places! :o)

    Awesome pics Elizabeth! And the ones below are so lovely. The color of both the donkey and dog photos are amazing too!

  11. Elizabeth, this is wonderful as I've never seen a tuc tuc -- and only read about them. The Indian penchant for decoration is so fascinating.

    In sadder news, your post made me think of Braja -- who has been in a bad car accident. Please send healing thoughts her way.

  12. Wow! What a lot of memories of traveling in Indonesia came flooding back when I saw the tuc tuc pictures!

  13. I wonder if any Indians are viewing your shots. If they are they must be delighted with them.

  14. oh
    it is so wonderful over HERE
    with you over THERE
    and all...


    a book is in order
    on your return.

    have to go peak
    in time
    and see what
    i have missed....

    {{ man!
    you are so fortunate
    to be traveling
    amongst the tuc-tuc }}

  15. What a magical, colourful place. I am so enjoying your trip!

  16. Being transported in beauty is a good thing!

  17. Interesting to see the pink ones in Rajasthan. These are found all over India, called autos. They are yellow and black in my state - Tamil Nadu.

  18. Delighted to hear more news of the beautiful color pink.

    These photos are so fine, and ... I know that you have so many more pictures yet to share.

    I will save up all my questions and ask you when I see you.



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