Monday, March 2, 2009

Animal Update and Jodhpur.

Yesterday the 2 buses full of tourists looked at the sun set, got back in their buses and went away.
Another strange supper.
Feeling a little queasy, we ordered a light supper.
After we had eaten a waiter entered with the sort of box you get from a bakery.
Please, whatever divity there is, don't let it be a cake and don't let it be for us................
It wasn't.

I gave two dogs the remainder of my sandwich from yesterday's lunch


  1. Hope you are feeling better ... and .. what was in the box?

  2. Uh oh, I hope you feel better soon. And yes, what was in the box?

  3. Good. Keep feeding the dogs. ;-)

    I'm behind in my reading here and working my way backwards. You're not feeling well? I trust you're feeling much better now.



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