Friday, March 27, 2009

New York Again

Odd to be back. So very many little square windows.
Park Avenue and 38th Street.

The Metlife Building meets the Leprechaun Bus.

Dramatic sky:  looking down 8th Avenue  at 18th Street.

So very many people rushing about outside Penn Station very early in the morning.

Things on a smaller scale seem attractive like clean glasses in the window at Mare.

New herbs for the windowsill in a brand new cab.


  1. That's a cab? So fresh and pretty!

  2. I really like the reflections in the middle building top picture. It looks very organic, like a woven basket.

  3. Quite the contrast to India ...

  4. Nice to be back Elizabeth - as they say - east, west - home's best!

  5. provocative thought, little squares everywhere - so true - a new cab?! - wow - and your own little window garden in a basket...

  6. It is so good to have you back, transforming familiar sights!

  7. Love that herb. It must be a great change, the weather, colours, people, culture etc from India to here..but I think you are glad to be back..I know I would :D Have a wonderful weekend Elizabeth/hugs/m

  8. Your artistic eye gets me every EVERY time! Your new header is awesome- I thought it was a painting- the composition is just brilliant, the colours , the lines WOW! You can do no wrong Ms. Elizabeth, you could enhance the beauty and curiousity anywhere-even the nastiest of places. A challenge? Ok, lets see- the ugliest place I have ever been is Federal Way Wa. You?

  9. Yes, I'm awfully glad to be back.
    And spring seems just about to spring... birds tweeting and all that sort of thing.
    So I'm missing having a garden.

    Linda Sue: As regards nasty places, I've seen lots and lots, believe me. In the blog I try to be upbeat.
    Trash, yellowing plastic etc etc depresses me.

  10. I love the way you compose your photos. Are you a professional photographer?
    It was fun seeing a bit of of my favorite cities.
    I keep going back to the India photos...they are amazing.

  11. I love the "liquid" quality of some of these photos. You almost feel like poking them with your finger and expecting in hope of provoking movement ;)

  12. Thank you for this visit to the City!
    Aloha from Da Beach-

  13. Oh I love to see good old NY on here again. Welcome back and incidentally thanks for the tip about the Shelley bio - I've just ordered it from Book Depository.

  14. It must be strange to be back in amongst all those massive buildings. I suppose New York and India have bustling busy crowds in common. I like your new banner photo too. Do you have anything like allotments in New York? Or you could become a guerilla gardener!

  15. ohohho, elizabeth,
    i do love this banner!
    so crisp
    and clean
    and with motion.


    the antithesis of India
    and, yet,
    it is clear you appreciate
    both styles.

    {{ how fortunate to be able to pop
    between the two worlds;
    i am green with envy }}

  16. Welcome home!

    Wow the Leprechaun sure did a number on the Met building. You know I love that one!

    Happy weekend!

  17. That's an amazing shot of the bus front windows.

  18. I am loving the all the reflections. NYC looks sparkling and fresh for the season.


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