Saturday, March 21, 2009


The textures and bright colors remind me in some ways of Morocco.
Rather a change from austere New York.

Subtle shabby-chic...

Please notice the little bird trying his best to blend in.

Ice cream anyone?

Waiting for the bus.

Riding on an elephant.

The chair by the door. Mandawa.

Wall. Mandawa.


Such an unusual color combination.


  1. The last shot of the window is my favorite in this post .. as well as the family waiting for the bus...

  2. Alot of art in these photos.

    Lovely colours :-)

  3. Yes!!! love the the doors and textures. Your new blog design is classy too.

  4. YIKES!!!!

    I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Your photos are spectacular.

    It's spring......I think it's almost get together time, don't you?

  5. MUST put together a book Elizabeth!
    Being back in new York must seem very slick and polished after your Indian holiday. Love the textures, rich colours, ancient and imperfect. Beautiful photography- amazing!

  6. Like the little bird - I suppose he could be titled shabby chic-k!
    Will let you know the NY dates nearer the time.

  7. Yes, this does look so much like Marrakesh! Colors, slow movement, ancient.

  8. I enjoyed looking at your pictures so much, I already went back three times. Thank you for sharing this beautiful world with us, I truly appreciate it. Besides, these days I feel so oppressed by the lack of warmth here, your images are like balsam for my soul.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! :-)

  9. oh Elizabeth - each one of these photos speaks to me - the color palette is just yummy - I love all of these!

  10. It's a pity that I haven't time enough to see all interesting blogs like yours. Thank you for sharing all these impressions of India! Have a great weekend.

  11. Shabby chic is just the right description. It has a faded beauty. Trinidad was exactly the same.

    You seem to be in a paring-down mood? Is austerity the new theme?

  12. You have a great eye. Your photos are a joy to see.

  13. Truly amazing colour. Just goes to show...all colours go together!

  14. i am glad Elizabeth, you seem to have captured the essence of India.
    i am not very proud of being an Indian for various reasons, but i love the people, their smiles in misery, and most importantly their determination to adjust and survive against all odds. We have cities, fancy shopping malls, i never step into them as they don't represent India.

    India is perhaps the only country in the world which has been repeatedly invaded for all the wealth, natural resources, fertile lands abundance of water, which is dwindling now, and mostly for 365 days of sunshine. India has been plundered right through history by all the invaders and now by our own people our own politicians. the poor remained poor and there seems to be no hope for them.

    Thank you Elizabeth for visiting India and i thank you for your tolerance during your stay in chaotic country.

  15. So much colour and texture! Beautifully captured.

  16. Elizabeth:

    What engaging, absorbing shots!
    Thank you very much for visiting my Hawaii blog, or I might never have found this excellent photo blog.

    Please visit Comfort Spiral any time! I'm becoming your follower today.
    ps: Yes, the feedback is a daily trove of gifts, isn't it?

  17. That little bird almost blends in-I didn't see him until I read the caption. What was that woman holding...the mother of the waiting for the bus crowd? Your work looks like artist detail studies...such texture. <3

  18. Hello Elizabeth! Just love all of these photos - beautiful!!

  19. Wonderful details. The bird DOES blend in. ;-)


  20. AS soon as I look at these pictures I immediately thought of your Marrakesh. The same kind of light, and color. Captivating!

  21. "Riding on an Elephant" would make a striking pattern on a scarf!


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