Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things to Do in New York When the Weather is Really Bad

Today it's snowing again. This has been a very long, cold, dreary winter season - so far - and there's lots of it left to come...

Best thing in the last couple of weeks: hot chocolate at the Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie 

where I envied the chic up-do of the young woman in pink

and fantasied about moving in - or at least having some swanky party there.

Then there's the Metropolitan Museum of Art

which is utterly overwhelming, dwarfs one entirely

and is splendid for people watching

and spying on them from above.

Another possibility is to go statue gawping

this is Diana who used to live above Madison Square Park, but is now all newly-gilded at the Met.

This is from the memorial to Theodore Roosevelt outside The Museum of Natural History

I think Miss Snooty is something to do with writing to music

her calmer sister is definitely painting.

the First World War

someone terribly important (and over-gilded)

and chilliest of all a memorial to The Maine.

Got to dash to Macy's - which is at least warm. Will annotate the statues later!


  1. What fabulous photos of fabulous statues and fabulous hot chocolate! That hair looks so chic I agree. I used to try and do that when I had long hair, many years ago, but found it impossible. Let's hope it took her HOURS to achieve that level of casualness.

  2. So fabulous! We mainly just walk around the mall when it is snowing outside - not so picturesque.

  3. Stunning photography. Your comment on Macys made me smile, the last time I was in New York I spent the whole day in Macys.

  4. Want the hot chocolate and agree about the bun. Fabulous room.

  5. Looks like there is quite a lot to do in NYC when the weather is frightful!

    My mind went straight to "Night at the Museum" when I saw the statue of Roosevelt.

    I really want a hot chocolate like the one you had - I am sitting here in my dining room doing some work on the laptop - just having a cheeky blog break for 5 mins - and that drink looks like just the thing I need!!

    Keep warm this weekend, torrential rain here, so not too upset that I am working on my studies this weekend.


  6. Oh Elizabeth, it was fun to see these inspired things to do in NY when the weather is really bad. Looking at marvelous posts like this one is another great thing to do when the weather's frightful.

    (Of course, it was also fun to see some pictures that I actually remember seeing clicked on site at the Met.)

    When on when will our wonderful town warm up a bit?


  7. Well my mind went to "When Harry Met Sally" when I saw the big window of the Met. Museum of Art. Someday I'll visit there and a few of those other places and maybe enjoy some of that lovely hot chocolate.

  8. At least you are not sitting at home looking out on the miserable weather and feeling sorry Elizabeth. Lovely pics and envy you that trip to Macy's

  9. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours.

  10. Never a dull moment! Had a dash to Macy's myself, in Seattle--which is gloriously free of snow, as is Vancouver. But, alas, a little lacking in impressive art galleries.

  11. I love the photos, esp. from the Met and café. Elegant and abundant. That room in the Met is worth going (and not worrying about the rest, saving it for another day).

  12. That watery reflection is interesting, hard to quite work out.
    Heard that your weather has been foul and I am sure you know about our rain and floods with more forecast this weekend, by that I mean even worse than we have had all week!

  13. Your photo tour of some of the delights NYC has to offer was quite enjoyable. The hot chocolate is deservedly first, I see. That whipped cream looks very very tempting!

  14. That cafe is such a grand place!
    The window reflections of the Temple of Dendur exhibition are equally grand, beautiful shot.


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