Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Snow.....

Almost too boring to write about...

but fun to take photos of.

up on the roof

and looking down.

an afternoon foray with the dog.

night scenes


a very deserted 8th Avenue


  1. As usual: love all the photos!
    Winter starts off here now, too.
    Just heard in the News that you expect another 35 cm of snow in NYC today...that's quite much in a big city...
    still, have a good time!

  2. Love the photos. Like snow till it gets all dirty then I can't wait for it to disappear!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Yes, Elizabeth, we definitely received more snow yesterday. I had my own early foray out into it, when I took a short walk over to my eye doc's office for a regular check up. I called the office ahead of time to find out if folks were canceling appointments, and if I could come over early, so the staff might be able to leave earlier. Yes and yes.

    The wind was fierce, the show was moving horizontally. Umbrella stayed furled, and I stayed on the ground, did not take to the air.

    So great to get home again to a cup of tea.

    So cold today. I wish I could stay indoors! xo

  4. Please don't send it over here will you Elizabeth - we are having spring like weather.

  5. I always love visiting your world, Elizabeth, so beautiful even in a snow storm!

  6. Amazing photos Elizabeth. I am freezing my ass of in Baltimore it is toooo cold.Usually I like a brisk walk in the snow but my feet feel like bricks of ice. Stay warm and have a hot toddy!

  7. Oh no, not boring!!! Beautiful! I love them, so keep clicking and posting Elizabeth. I.love.that.white.stuff.
    Stay warm and dry!

  8. Snow is fun for cameras even if being out in it is a bit of a challenge. I always enjoy your photos of the big city.

  9. City looks so clean in white. :-)

  10. How I love snow best: looking at photos of it. And yours are beautiful.

  11. Brrrr. that looks wondrous and wintery but please don't send it our way. We have mild, wet and grey. Thanks for your kind words and for your visit to my blog.

  12. Gorgeous photos, Manhattan in the snow is amazing!! We havent had any over here in the UK yet but I think we may see some this week sometime.

  13. Your photographs give a real feel of the weather and are enjoyable.

  14. Wonderful photos of that white stuff that is so scarce over here in my own corner of the USA. Stay warm!


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