Sunday, February 22, 2015


Subway musicians

 with a good line of patter: "Don't be like Congress - pass a bill!" So I did.

Saturday afternoon in Soho - snowing again.

Sunday morning intersection...

I feel really sorry for the bicycle delivery men (oddly, there don't seem to be delivery women).  A cold job and a dangerous one too.

The trees are pretty with a light coating of ice.

Back indoors...

I look for blue things

and fruit

and more blue things...

Tomorrow the high temperature will be 22F


  1. Outstanding beautiful post today.
    I am not sure how you take your photos but they glow bursting with color. Even the snow photos the grey overcast gives the photo a wonderful light quality.
    The musicians gave me a much needed giggle this morning. All the dishes and fruit are so spring like.
    The second photo from the bottom I think is perfect. Is that a lotus or peony flower on the dish.
    I have quite a lot of blue and white dishes (Japan) that I use all the time. They makes me very happy.
    Huge blue blue sky, big white fluffy clouds add the lime green of the paloverde trees and they are the colors of Tucson.

    Huggles to Buster
    cheers, parsnip

    1. I, too, love blue and white pottery - the best combo that ever was/is.
      The blue and white jug is Spode - a design called Clifton - made for Laura Ashley. I think the flower is really a rather blown rose. The little tiny blue thing is glass. I'm trying to do some closeups - a new venture! Your weather sounds perfect!

  2. One can almost feel the cold when looking at your snow and ice pictures, as well as the warmth upon entering your home!
    Stay safe and warm,

    1. Vienna looks much better than here just about now!

  3. good line by those subway guys - beautiful photos !

    1. And you will come into the city..... when the spring EVER comes!

  4. Hello Elizabeth,

    It sounds as if the underground musicians are needed to cheer people in this unrelenting bad weather. It must seem as if the snow has been with you for ever now and your photographs capture the awful transformation from bright white to dirty grey that the landscape takes on as temperatures push slowly upwards.

    But, your blues are definitely not miserable. You have captured the intensity of colour wonderfully, just the thing for lifting spirits. Keep warm!

    1. Yes, blue has rather a bad rap - when it is a splendidly celestial color. Budapest, like Vienna, seems rather appealing right now as the temperatures tumble through the day to a low of 5F expected tomorrow.

  5. That blueberries in the blue bowl picture wants blowing uplarge and putting up on the wall it is so beautiful.

    1. Dear Weaver -you can see what I'm reduced to these cold days!
      Thank you for liking my photo which I took on my iPhone. I used an app called Hipstamatic that costs a full $2.

  6. Elizabeth, it was grand seeing you on snowy Saturday...I love your downtown photographs.

    Wasn't it weird to have the mercury rise yesterday? Of course, it's back to the chills today, encouraging hibernation.

    Every single one of these photographs has a special strength, a certain story telling quality.


  7. You ask what I am reading - I am reading Salley Vickers - I love her books. Short stories 'Aphrodite's Hat' and also a novel
    Dancing Backwards - do try them both or anything else you can find by her. One of her best is Miss Garnet's Angel.

  8. There's a Laduree in New York? Has it been there long? As usual, it's nice taking a stroll through the city with you, Elizabeth, even if it is a cold, mucky February day!

    1. I think the Laduree on W. Broadway is pretty recent.
      Have't been in it yet.
      Yup, February continues horribly cold and miserable!


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