Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Misty Morning

Autumn is my favorite season ( though I pretty much like the other ones too...) anyway the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' is always wonderful.

Here a friend's garden in Wilshire very early in the morning.....

with the dew very heavy on the grass...

where the apples lie untended.
We should pick them up and make
apple sauce and apple pie.

This tree is so old that lichen covers the branches

and this apple is gleaming with wetness.

Saddle stones

and the Hobbit house (which is listing alarmingly) next to the conker tree.

And Michaelmas daisies

and the border run amock

while Ms.Spider has been busy and busy.

You can tell I miss the English countryside!


  1. Photographs are absolutely beautiful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What a lovely early morning stroll in this lovely English garden.
    I wonder if that apple is as sweet as it looks! Adore the lichen.

  3. Lovely garden, lovely post!

  4. I feel very nostalgic as I wander with you from place to place! And what a huge garden your friend has with that lovely old conker tree!

  5. This does not look a thing like New York. Your misty photos, spider web photo and that hobbit house...LOVE!!!

    Happy visiting!

  6. What a magical collection of photos. I miss autumn... we don't have them here in Florida.

  7. OHHH *sigh* - so loving every one of your shots Ms. Wix!!!I can feel the coolness and the air and now all I want is a good cup of tea.

  8. I miss the English countryside and I have never lived there, only visited.
    Fall in Arizona is beautiful after the long hot summer. And I do love living here but I wish for the lovely garden and misty morning you have showed.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. What a beautiful capture of the misty season! Positively dreamy.

  10. It must be so nice to be back "home." To feel the grassy land with your feet and to breathe the softness of moist air. How well you photos tell the same story as Keats' poem.

    To bend with apples the moss'd cottage trees.

  11. & I can see why you miss it! it is lovely!
    especially the spider's web & that hobbit house - how cool is that?

  12. Elizabeth, the shades of green in your photos only begin to describe how much I am envying you this time in such a lovely setting.


  13. Hello Elizabeth:
    Such atmospheric images as these make us too very wistful for the English countryside especially at this wonderful, slightly melancholic time of year. And, as it happens, Wiltshire is a county rich in association for us.

  14. Gorgeous sequence of photos. Dreamlike quality yet so real, so immediate, and so inviting! Glad you're having such a wonderful visit.

  15. Love those cones of trees in first shot - that last shot of spider web almost doesn't look real, as if it was crocheted "by hand".

  16. I want that Hobbit house! It is both misty and moisty here too. Your photographs are lovely.

  17. Very beautiful! I love that spider web, great picture!

  18. What a great garden and the mist makes it so atmospheric.


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