Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brattle Street, Cambridge

Quite enough time spent in the car, so we go for a walk. I just wander about but wikipedia is full of lots of useful information.

The very beginning of fall

with drifts of Michaelmas daisies and the first leaves on the lawn.

Impressively huge, prosperous houses that have been prosperous for many years.

Color choices are limited for house paint --so mostly yellow and gray and pink.

The traditional picket fence....

long windows and porches and morning glory.

The yellow car a slightly jarring note.

A tennis club near the Charles River.

Back to Brattle Street.The Longfellow House. George Washington's Headquarters (see Wikipdia).

Such ferns and porches....

and a tree that G.W  probably saw as a sapling.

The formal garden

laid out with low hedges.

A lovely long window.

Then the weather grew cloudy.


  1. There are nice houses there! Good post, I like it.

  2. So beautiful! I love your shots. I was just there a few weeks ago and posted on it. I love Cambridge!

  3. Elizabeth, these are beautiful photos of remarkable old houses. Where were the people? All at Harvard/MIT?


  4. I love these old elegant homes and the history they hold. The English garden is beautiful, though if it were mine it would be a bit more wild!

  5. I think someone should really speak to the owner of that car - it totally lowers the tone!

    Pomona x

  6. The houses are just beautiful arent they? I would love to live somewhere like that.

  7. The houses are just astounding - we have nothing like that here. So beautiful!

  8. Nice shots. The houses are exactly as I imagined.

    One day......!

  9. Looks like a fine place for a walk. So much history and architecture. Loved the yellow corvette, but the steeple against the cloudy sky was nicely composed.

  10. Cambridge is a lovely place
    the homes are wonderful

    I love the old tree
    and the bird in the long window

  11. Ohhh! I especially like that last photo.


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