Sunday, October 21, 2012

More London (Thursday)

Very odd being a tourist in a city where I spent the first half of my life and everything seemed normal not remarkable --so I go around taking pictures of things-- a cafe in Soho

a door near the British Museum

my favorite bookshop  -- Persephone -- where I stocked up on all sorts of things.

Then the 38 bus through Picadilly Circus

past the Ritz

then the train to Clapham Junction

to my cousin's house

where we discuss family endlessly and I snap inadvertent still lives...

and the South London front path.

ps: Very soon Seth Apter, Roxanne Evans Stout and I will be announcing an art and writing workshop we'll be teaching in New York in the spring --details to follow shortly.


  1. Oh, you are in London!
    My entire family is, too.
    My youngest step daughter will
    get her Bachelor degree tomorrow.
    I couldn't go as Gizmo didn't want to stay in the dog hotel...
    have a great time,

  2. I am utterly homesick now! Thank you for posting these photos of homesick fever!!! Have a wonderful time and a lengthy stay!

  3. How wonderful to be in London!
    Love the photographs, but they make me long to be there even more than I normally do. Which is a considerable amount!
    Come visit.... my book is here!

  4. Elizabeth, thank you for more scenes familiar to me.

    I wish that I could have also stocked up at Persephone. Their new website is looking very good.

    I am looking forward for a long catch up with you when you get back to NYC.


  5. How wonderful to have the advantage of being able to visit/live in two of the most exciting cities in the world!

    Have things changed very much (good and/or bad) in London since your last visit or are things pretty much the same?

  6. Oh I need another London fix! I've had Persephone on my 'next trip' list but think it may be a dangerous stop for me!

  7. I too am ready for a dose of London. Thanks for giving me a fix in advance!

  8. Elizabeth! I love seeing England through your eyes... and I will love teaching our workshop together!!

  9. So glad you are having fun. how long are you here for? carry on enjoying yourselfxx

  10. Great reflection in your first picture. Fun seeing your London scenes for a change Elizabeth. Sunny in Piccadilly Curcus too.


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